Do you think the jehova witnesses are a dangerous cult?

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    LORD ENKIposted 6 years ago

    Do you think the jehova witnesses are a dangerous cult?

    Do you think that the Jehova Witnessess are a dangerous cult based on misinterpretations,or a legitimate Religon?

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    onegoodwomanposted 6 years ago

    Define "  danger".........

    No, they are not likely candidates to bomb us or blow us up.......

    No, they are not likely candidates to infect us with intentional diseases.

    Now, after a few seconds of pondering................there was one specific incident, that I had to say...........I will not be held as a hostage in my own home..........and you  need to leave ( many years ago).

    They, really have not( beyond that single moment) bothered me.

    As a 'threat", I do not see them as so

    as a " religion".........let them be what they are

    as a " cult".....the word is  not even clearly defined and with such loose definitions, we could assign it to any group

    as a voice............It IS America, let each of us speak

    In general terms or in summary..........No, I have no beef with them.

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    Borsiaposted 6 years ago

    Well; I see almost all religions as cults so they are half way there. But seriously I don't see them as any better or worse than others.
    Maybe more annoying but I don't like anyone knocking on my door with their problems.
    Have I heard the good news? Yeah; the good news for you is that at the moment I'm not armed, but give me a second and I can fix that.
    Fortunately everyone down here is Catholic and they don't bother you.
    I would say that the Catholics are probably the least annoying of the theists when it comes to atheists.
    They ask what faith you are and when you tell them none they are puzzled if anything. Most have never met an atheist and they ask a few questions but they don't get upset and accept that you are just different.
    In the 3rd world the avaerage person you are talking to isn't as educated. Note that I do not say, in any way shape of form, that they aren't as intelegent, they are not stupid. But they aren't as educated especially in sciences so they tend to be superstitious. So if you are in a very small town the local brujas (witches) won't like you.
    But its not like I go around announcing that I am an atheist.