When we sleep we used to see dreams. What is the importance of dreams and why we

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  1. shwetha123 profile image70
    shwetha123posted 7 years ago

    When we sleep we used to see dreams. What is the importance of dreams and why we see dreams?

  2. rclinton5280 profile image78
    rclinton5280posted 7 years ago

    To the best of my understanding, dreams come for many reasons. They can represent your inner wants and desires. They can also represent your fears and insecurities. On another level, dreams can be tellers of the future or things unknown. Why we have them on the other hand, is a little over my pay grade. I do not know exactly why we dream. I do know that we have a lot of dreams every night, and don't remember the majority of them. I can also tell you that your dreams depth and frequency is directly related to the stage of the sleep cycle that you are in. Food and beverages(sugar level) also play a major role in dream depth and vividness. Ailments also tend to affect dream states. I hope this helps.

  3. profile image30
    saisarannagaposted 7 years ago

    Lot of research goes on the subject. The first condition for dream is sleep. Dreams are woven by the mind which is always active and it never takes rest. Mind has astounding powers. From nowhere it creates scenery as though they are real. We are sleeping in the cot and we remain there without any displacement. Yet we have many experiences as though we are active, we travel, we take our meal, we chat with our friend or neighbor and sometimes we quarrel too. This is the mystery of the mind. Sometimes we are chased by the Police or terrorists or wild animal. That fear itself awaken us and we find ourselves in the bed palpitating and sweating as though we had undergone a real chase! Dreams are illusions created by the mind. Some times, they are the result of bent up feelings and emotions.

  4. manu6076 profile image74
    manu6076posted 7 years ago

    It represents lot of things; few of what I feel is;

    Dreams represent the status of mind. Whatever is affecting sub-cautious mind in the day will reflect nearby in the dreams with different forms.

    Dreams are affected by intuitions, Some times its shows what will happen in future. Other logic's are also applicable here.

    Dream can be affected by in-appropriate way of sleep. If someone has the weight over the chest after sleep begins, then scaring dreams is 100 % possible because of the weight on hearts affecting the nervous system.

    Another reason of dream is almost the same like above, the in-appropriate way of sleeping. If someone feels heavy urination after sleeping, then it will leads to frequent dreams.

    Other then this many other reasons affects dreams. I will be glad if you find this useful.

    Good Luck.

  5. DIMIR profile image79
    DIMIRposted 7 years ago

    Dream theory is really interesting (hence you have gotten so many cool answers so far).  Freud, everybody's favorite, has extensive theories of dream interpretation having to do with the sub-conscious.  Some people believe dreams are ways for the brain to categorize the days information (that is why you see similar things to your thought processes for the day, even if jumbled and strange).  Others believe it is the brain working through difficult thought processes, as the brain stays extremely active.  People who do not dream because of particular disorders with the cycles of sleep they experience have been known to suffer from extreme mental illness, so the important of dreams is really to keep you sane!


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