What's a successful life according to you?

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  1. katherineaya profile image61
    katherineayaposted 7 years ago

    What's a successful life according to you?

  2. learnlovelive profile image61
    learnloveliveposted 7 years ago

    A life fulfilled. This may seem quite vague but the question you are asking is indeed vague in and of itself. To me, personally...life is about quest for individuality and spiritual atonement. Intellect is of prime suspect in all the required ventures. Knowledge is my only life, work is important to me. In essence, discipline - intellect - spirituality - respect - love (most important of all) - and perseverance...with these traits anyone can succeed.

    If I had to give YOU a simply-put answer...I would say that success is only what you make of it. Good luck! smile

  3. profile image0
    Sooner28posted 7 years ago

    A successful life is one in where you cultivated relationships and provided support for people.  One where you did a job you could be proud of and that contributed to society, and also one where you did your best to be moral.

  4. pstraubie48 profile image83
    pstraubie48posted 7 years ago

    Being able to look in the mirror each morning and say,
    'I did the best I could yesterday ...today I will strive to do the same or a bit better. I treated others with respect and neither cheated nor demeaned another. I walked this way making some measure of a difference without calling attention to the fact that I had done so.'

  5. katherineaya profile image61
    katherineayaposted 7 years ago

    Thanks for the full version, it's worth posting:

    Fundamentally, I feel that embracing and understanding exuberance by definition and interpretation is the most essential key. To simply embrace the very air you breath and to respect the very ground you walk upon...that is truly of essence. Success is not measured in currency nor material acquisition. To me success is completely in the mind of an individual - the accouterments thereof are what determine who you are in this life. One who seeks power will manifest that reality for themselves; one who seeks acceptance will manifest life as such at all.

    It is possible that people have a hard time understanding the difference between acceptance and success - there is none. Successful life is a life fulfilled and to achieve that one must dig deep inside. Deep within their core-character, I have a few hubs on understanding success and dreaming - they really captivate, to me, the most important part of being an individual - personal understanding. Too many folks go through their life never understanding themselves as anything more than a confluence of decisions compounded upon one another to create the individual they are at the current moment...in my eyes there is no past - there is no future...only the present moment. This moment is forever propagated perpetually as the NOW. What one does with the now is what determines success; lest you put your faith in vindication or the supplanted notion thereof - victimization. Too many are worried about these two emotions - too many people are so wrapped up in arrogance or pity to really know what is going on in their lives. Realization is a daunting task. Clarity is indeed heavy but once attained there is no going back - why would one ever wish to look back, or even look forward...when the "now" has become so delightful that joy overflows within for no good reason everyday?

    The trouble is that people get caught up and forget that life isn't hard - that life is truly just living - that making the right choices isn't a puzzle or a game. It's logic.


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