Where and What is the 3rd Heaven?

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    Shiningstar4u2cposted 6 years ago

    Where and What is the 3rd Heaven?

    When Paul said He knew a man who was caught up to the 3rd Heaven, then what are the 3 Heavens?
    Which Heaven does one go to when they die? What is heaven in the first place, what is it made of, what is it's purpose?


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    sarmackposted 6 years ago

    What are the images directly below your question description?  I can't read or see them clearly.

    The 3rd Heaven is just a title given to the place where God resides.  Paul was stating that the man was taken into the Presence of God... that he didn't die, he was "caught up".  Several ancient Prophets were "caught up" or passed from this life to the next without dying.  Elijah was "caught up" in his "chariot of fire", which is moving up the Spiritual ladder to the point of just passing through the veil as a whole being.  Christ was "caught up" as a whole being.  You can tell that you are close to the veil if you feel vibrations around your body... your frequency has become so elevated that you are about to go out of sync!!  Those darn sine waves!!!

    The Presence of God is in the Spiritual dimension.  The topic of death and the destination of a person's soul is too complex for answering here.  There are different Spiritual places people go.  Some are peaceful, some are not. You know how life seems to go on forever?!  Well, your destination after this life will literally go on forever and Forever.

    Very good question and topic to be contemplating.