Can we be too young to have achieved Enlightenment?

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  1. Lady Wordsmith profile image77
    Lady Wordsmithposted 11 years ago

    Can we be too young to have achieved Enlightenment?

    Do we have to have a lived a long and 'full' life to be able to say that we know what it's all about?  Or can Enlightenment come to anyone who thinks about it long and hard enough, no matter their age?

  2. Robert Hughes profile image73
    Robert Hughesposted 11 years ago

    Enlightened mind is natural mind.  Always present; ever elusive, until it is achieved.  I believe it can be achieved at any age.

  3. Jarp profile image60
    Jarpposted 11 years ago

    I personally believe Enlightenment can be sought at any age, and worked upon. Although it is said that twenty-eight is the youngest age a person can achieve Enlightenment as before this time the required forces have not yet fully incarnated.
    Throughout our lives we will experience (hopefully) a series of Spiritual Awakenings, all of which lead to our final goal of Enlightenment or Higher Consciousness. For most people the incarnation of negative astral energies will have been completed by around 28, and a solid ego structure formed. For those who do not follow any spiritual practice or meditation technique, their energy will stay much the same after this point.

  4. profile image0
    msorenssonposted 11 years ago

    A great question. No. Because we are born into this body as a human being, we have to go through the normal routes of growth and development characteristic of the species, and there has to be prompting, hence the reincarnations of the great sages are recognized early.  However, some were born knowing exactly what they are here for.

  5. Twilight Lawns profile image74
    Twilight Lawnsposted 11 years ago

    I've gotta think about this, but I'm well old and I'm not sure whether I've got enlightenment yet but when I go to the Doctor next time, I'll ask him because he has all sorts of special instruments from the National Health which shows if people have hernias and ingrown toenails and halitosis and maybe there's one for enlightenment.
    Maybe I haven't because I just remembered that the real Boss Doctor is a lady and I said "he" cos I was thinking of Dr Patel who's a real doctor but he looks as if he's fourteen. So maybe the Boss Doctor will know because her name is Dr  Graham and she's well clever.

  6. okaygrace profile image60
    okaygraceposted 11 years ago

    I think an enlightened person would say that no one can ever fully reach enlightenment. We are all human and all make mistakes. For one to be enlightened, they would need to be perfect and this is practically impossible due to our emotions.

  7. Darrell Roberts profile image72
    Darrell Robertsposted 11 years ago

    usually with age comes wisdom, however, if you have good karma from a previous birth it is possible to achieve enlightenment at an early age.

    Best wishes.

  8. profile image0
    CJ Sledgehammerposted 11 years ago

    I would dare say that in most cases this is true, but if we take Jeremiah into account, he was only 16 years old when the Almighty called him into service.

  9. profile image51
    JakeKurningposted 11 years ago

    I think that enlightenment can be achieved no matter what the age. You must have gone through a tragedy and then become better. No matter who you are you can do this. Enlightenment is just a high form of thought. Its also not a thought process, its more of a realization. "If you can find the key to your mind, you can unlock the door to knowledge."


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