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Why does it seem like atheist are threatened by the mere existence of God?

  1. suebee62 profile image59
    suebee62posted 5 years ago

    Why does it seem like atheist are threatened by the mere existence of God?

  2. aka-dj profile image77
    aka-djposted 5 years ago

    I don't know what goes through an Atheist's mind, but I guess they hate the thought of not being in FULL control of their own destiny. It seems that the notion of (a) God  "out there", who would call them to account is too threatening.
    The other thing that many of them complain about, and I can fully understand, is that Christians (or any other "religious" person) haven't been the best witness of Who God is, and what He is like.
    Atheists are their own gods, whether or not they admit to being so, they are. Anyone who would challenge this would be seen as a threat.

  3. MickS profile image73
    MickSposted 5 years ago

    Why does it seem that believers in God are  threatened by Atheists' and their ideas of the non-existtence of God.  Don't pretend it doesn't happen, there are too many believers trying to stuff their beliefs down our throats for it to be otherwise.

  4. DAWNEMARS profile image61
    DAWNEMARSposted 5 years ago

    A true atheist is not threatend in this way. Perhaps agnostics are threatened because they are not certain of their own beliefs. Having said that, knowing that a person thinks that you will go to a place called hell because you do'nt believe is a little annoying at best -and can be percieved as rudeness. Some people are just offended by pushy evangelists who present people's personal beliefs in a very bad light.

  5. Melindas Mind profile image70
    Melindas Mindposted 5 years ago

    I think it's a pretty blanket statement to say that all atheists are threatened by the existence of God. That said, the ones who will go out of their way to pick fights with believers and to argue minute points .... well, they protest too much. Normally, if you delve into why they don't believe in God you'll find that they're actually angry with God for some injustice in their, or someone elses, past. Because they are angry with God they won't believe in him. They're the ones who say 'i won't believe in a being who would allow so much suffering'.

    The question to ask yourself is this - why do you care if they're threatened? I don't - I'm very secure in my beliefs. They can feel threatened all they want. I'm not going to argue this with them. (I will discuss it with them if they're truly interested, but if they're looking for an argument, I'm not their girl.) However, for every atheist who is threatened by the existence of God there is a believer who is threatened by atheism.

  6. Sunny2o0o profile image74
    Sunny2o0oposted 5 years ago

    As an atheist, I couldn't less what you do or do not chose to believe.  What I care about is when you start trying to push it on me (and that includes via unconstitutional religious displays or trying to craft laws to suit your religion).  What business of it is anyone else's how I chose to live my life?  If you want me to respect your religion, you have to respect my lack of a religion.  I will not afford anyone something that they either would or will not afford to me.