What is the difference between spirituality and religion?

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  1. Cas Merchant profile image60
    Cas Merchantposted 9 years ago

    What is the difference between spirituality and religion?

    I am neither religious or athiest, I believe that Jesus exsisted at one time, and God is here for me now. I pray, but I don't go to church to do it. I am all for peace and altruism, but I follow no rules of any one religion-I take what I think makes me a better person, and leave the rest behind. So, am I religious or not, or is there a very grey area in between?


  2. Agnes Penn profile image60
    Agnes Pennposted 9 years ago

    I see the answer to your main question this way:  Religion is the organized way to define the relationship people have with God.  Spirituality is the adorer's expression of love towards God.
    Your sub-question involves Christian principles.  Once you believe God exists,  loves us and wants a relationship with us your next step is to know Who He is.   If you come to the conclusion, as have I, that Jesus God-man is the bridge to redeem a relationship we messed up, you then have to study Jesus' words and what He left set up by the Holy Spirit: His Church.
    You can love Jesus without His Church, but it's like loving your wife only through the internet.

  3. krillco profile image89
    krillcoposted 9 years ago

    religion is for folks afraid of going to hell, spirituality is for folks who have already been there

    1. lone77star profile image83
      lone77starposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Cute, but inaccurate. Ignorance (ego) is hell.

  4. snigdhal profile image60
    snigdhalposted 9 years ago

    Good question Cas ,

           First off I am a Hindu so maybe my ideas are little different as the basic guidelines of Christianity and Hinduism are poles apart .
       For me religion is a means to become more spiritually aware .Though I don't believe its the only means but for most people it provides an anchor in difficult or confusing times .
        To me spirituality means self realization and self awareness which grows the more time you spend meditating, reflecting and questioning yourself and your actions . I deeply believe in the saying 'Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you ' . Maybe I am a little simple but that saying takes care of a lot of my problems.
          I also think at the end of the day both religion and spirituality aim for the same thing which i interpret as not shying away from your duties , compassion and absence of ego .

    1. lone77star profile image83
      lone77starposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Basic guidelines? Perhaps. But the "spirit" of Hinduism and Christianity seem to be one. Absence of ego is the goal. A return to the spiritual state where physical instrumentality is no longer needed. Where we become one with the source of all

  5. giopski profile image68
    giopskiposted 9 years ago

    religion is a belief while spirituality is a way of life that leads us to achieve our religious goals

  6. lone77star profile image83
    lone77starposted 9 years ago

    In the purest sense, religion is a vehicle of spirituality.

    Regrettably, so many have assaulted religion with ego (the source of all evil). The true purpose of religion and spirituality is the elimination of ego and reawakening of the sleeping immortal within.

    When you can stand apart from your physical body and go wherever you will to go, then you have taken a major step. When ego has been quashed with humility, love, responsibility and faith (perfect confidence), then you have arrived.

    Ego is all about dichotomies and attachments. The Pharisee was "good," but only for ego's sake. There is a state of good beyond the dichotomies of this world. That is the aim or goal of spirituality through the vehicle of religion.

    So many Christians have given in to ego and have lost their way. They recite scripture as if they know its true meaning and are not humble enough to realize that there is yet much more to learn.


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