I need help with Ghosts!

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    ilovejusesandghosposted 5 years ago

    I need help with Ghosts!

    Has anyone seen this guy?: Info: guy communicating with a guy from the past who is now dead on a tv show getting information about something in a box he does not know what is but the ghost he talks to knows." I really need to know, you guys. PLease, if I don't get to know where to find this guy I can't live on. Ghosts (and Jesus) are my life. Please... help me!!


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    etower036posted 5 years ago

    This question is a bit confusing because of the way you asked it. First, Is the picture connected with the question as in is this the program that you are talking about, or is this a live action show that you were watching.
    There are a couple tv shows about ghosts:

    Ghost hunters: A show which airs on the syfy channel. It follows a team of Paranormal investigators. They use Digital recording devices to capture ghost voices.

    Ghost Adventures: This show is about 3 guys that use a ghost box to communicate with spirits, along with digital recordings and various cameras.

    The picture that you have displayed looks to be from the cartoon "AAAAAAK real monsters"  A Nickelodeon cartoon.

    I hope you find your answer soon.