What is the law of attraction and does it work? Any personal success stories?

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  1. profile image59
    Roohi Khanposted 11 years ago

    What is the law of attraction and does it work? Any personal success stories?

  2. Amethystraven profile image70
    Amethystravenposted 11 years ago

    Upon taking a wild guess, the laws of attraction have a lot to do with the outlook of oneself and the environment one is in. If the person is a positive person, most likely they will attract positive things and people. If a person is negative, the same follows. There are however affirmations that people can write to inspire them and to keep them motivated to attract jobs, money, a home, etc. I believe people have an invisible strength they can use to attract things. Some may call it wishing, prayer, or meditation. There are many kinds of laws of attraction, a person has to find what fits them. I for one, have written affirmations to motivate myself to study holistic health. To keep it up no matter how tough the going gets. Right now finances are slowing things down, not completely halting anything. I write, I will become a yoga teacher, it is in my future. I look at what I've written and smile because I know my future holds this for me. I've completed the study courses and I am now looking for a mentor. After that, I will freelance until I feel comfortable enough to have a studio. The law of attraction works.

  3. Edwinoel Tanglao profile image60
    Edwinoel Tanglaoposted 11 years ago

    The law of attraction, for me, is more of a theory than being that of truth. However positive one may face his many challenges in life, will all these really make him happy?  It depends on one's perception of what is positive in one's life and many times, are we not completely lost of our perceived positive aura especially so when our actions come out tainted with malice and selfishness, and as prompted by our pride and our ego, hiding our true agenda with mostly fabricated success stories, for the purpose of self-propagation or self-satisfaction.  This may see one prosper physically, materially, but  may not be so emotionally, for a defined period of time, at length, until one dies, but, these questions come: "will he be happy as when dies?  Will he be at peace beyond death? Will any of his life long contributions possibly extend his life and make him happier?"

    On the other hand, the one who may see it wiser to positively invest in the spirit, in the pureness of his intentions for the love and care of others attuned to God's words and commands, and in Christ's guiding light, he truly is the winner, as clearly, I can say he has seen true peace and joy in the love of others, he has invested for eternity, and he brought others along to the light for which they may say that merely thanking him may not be enough.

  4. girlgonestrong profile image61
    girlgonestrongposted 11 years ago

    The law of attraction is mysticism.  Nothing more.  You should google "word of faith cult" and you'll see that it takes on many forms....sometimes cloaking itself as Christianity.

    1. profile image52
      cal drouinposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      The human mind can hold only one thought at a time prominently, since there is nothing to be gained .

  5. SidKemp profile image85
    SidKempposted 11 years ago

    If you think that there is just one law, and learning the Law of Attraction will take care of all of your problems, I think you are fooling yourself. (That's the apparent message of The Secret, a popular video which purports to teach the Law of Attraction.)

    At the same time, I do find that positive affirmation, when done in deep meditation, combined with other techniques, is really making a difference for me.

    The key points I have found are:
    1. Do no harm. Live a loving life.
    2. Dwell in unconditional peace. Do not seek things to "make you happy." Being alive is source enough for joy and peace, even in the midst of pain and illness and financial difficulties.
    3. Choose life goals that are true to your soul.
    4. Work dilligently towards those goals six days a week, and keep a sabbath for spirit, or healing, or creativity.
    5. Remain joyful and creative.
    6. Never give up.
    7. Share your blessings with the world.

  6. HudsonMohawkPress profile image59
    HudsonMohawkPressposted 11 years ago

    The movie “The Secret” explained the basics of the Law of Attraction but the final version with Esther Hicks/Abraham edited out really downplayed the hard work that is needed to make things happen. If you don't put your desires out into the world (that is, ask), then it is much more difficult (although not impossible) to receive, but thinking things into existence is not really how it works.  Esther/Abraham made that clear but that got lost in the final edited version. Change is indeed possible if we put our mind to it.  It is amazing what can happen if we really set our mind to something and put in the hard work. I continue to be impressed by the power of the universal message of the “New Thought” teachers of the last 100 years, and the relevance of their ideas today. I always go back to William Walker Atkinson’s book “Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World” when I need a reminder of the power of “mind” and an explanation of how the Law of Attraction REALLY works. Check out the new updated gender neutral edition at www.hudsonmohawkpress.com

  7. profile image52
    JustForSissiesposted 11 years ago

    Basically, your reality reflects how you feel and you choose how you feel by choosing what you focus upon. If you choose to focus on something that makes you feel "bad", then you feel "bad" and are "steered" to other "bad" things because they support your choice to focus upon something that makes you feel "bad".

    Imagine your subconscious - it seeks out and guides you to evidence that supports a belief you have "active", in your mind, via your attention to it, and it also causes you to avoid evidence and experiences that contradict an "active" belief.

    You are "choosing" how you feel and what you experience, at any given moment, by choosing what you give your attention to. Usually, without knowing you're doing it.

    Everyone "succeeds" at it, 100% of the time.


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