Can and are Christian Believers Mystics? Or, are we in Denial?

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  1. Lady Summerset profile image76
    Lady Summersetposted 6 years ago

    Can and are Christian Believers Mystics?  Or, are we in Denial?

    With the world becoming more "spiritual," there has been an onslaught of new schools of thoughts and religious teachings?  I was watching Oprah on Sunday and She had on Carolyn Myss and she used the term "mystic" quite often.  Therefore, my question "Are Christian Believers Mystics?"

  2. Dreamsinger profile image73
    Dreamsingerposted 6 years ago

    As I mentioned on Christicue's hub - our God is Supernatural and His ways are beyond our understanding.  It is His glory to conceal a matter and ours to search it out - we will be spending eternity discovering new aspects of who He is and who we are in Him and that is exciting!

  3. manatita44 profile image82
    manatita44posted 5 years ago

    I have explained mysticism somewhere else. So you will need to write to me for an explanation.
    Our christianity are full of mystics: St. Theresa of Avila, of Lieusieux, of Germany. St. John of the Cross; Julian of Norwich; St. Francis of assisi and St. Augustine of Hippo to name a few. Modern day ones are Meister Echkart, Paul Brunton, Joel Goldsmith and others.
    A christian believer is a christian believer. The mystic is a lover of God and you really would not find him engaging in this sort of Hub back and forth. He/she is too busy loving God. Still, there is only one life and one God. I assure you that you will find them in both East and West.
    You have a gentle loving smile and a 'good' face. Much love.

  4. profile image51
    Halle Louposted 5 years ago

    Here's some interesting information describing early Christianity's connection to Mysticism: "Jesus’ words describe the Lions of Jud-Ah’s healing traditions and the songs that healed people and levitated stones. Jesus reveals hidden secrets about one’s “Inner Star of David”, as well as ancient secrets about the Rapture and Ascension. Receive Jesus’ own End Times power prayer. Hear Jesus’ words on the false prophet Saul/Paul and Jesus explain the mystical wisdom about the sign of the cross and the concept of a “Holy Ghost”." Take from:


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