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Do you find gratitude important to making clouds disappear?

  1. blueurmindtzm profile image59
    blueurmindtzmposted 5 years ago

    Do you find gratitude important to making clouds disappear?

    Hi, My name is Clinton (and harmoniously from Tucson as well). I recently learned how to make clouds disappear from When they describe the process, they say that experiencing gratitude is very important. I've found this to be true as well. I'm thinking maybe this would help people achieve desired results quicker.

  2. Sgscalese profile image81
    Sgscaleseposted 5 years ago

    I haven't found gratitude necessary, Clinton, but I'm always grateful; so, maybe it does. I find that gratitude is an essential quality in living a successful life. It keeps us plugged into the source of all good things. So maybe....But, I see the process of making clouds disappear as a natural ability of our brain, much like imagining; so I doubt it. What gets in the way of success is thinking, thought producing, because making clouds disappear is a function of our creative, intuitive mind, and thinking definitely gets in the way. You see, the use of our thinking brain and our creative brain are functions that alternate functions. They do not work simultaneously. So, when one is working, the other does not.

    I've also not found anyone else teaching how to do this; so thanks for that info too.

    Blessings, Stephen
    PS. Did you get my email offering to get together in Tucson? I rarely check Hubpages anymore; so contact me as you did before if you're interested.