What words and actions could be said to prevent a war?

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  1. Debby Bruck profile image69
    Debby Bruckposted 6 years ago

    What words and actions could be said to prevent a war?

    When you hear and see the winds of war, do you feel there are any words and actions that can avert what seems like the inevitable? Who would have to hear the message and who would have to send the message?


  2. profile image0
    Old Empresarioposted 6 years ago

    "What does this war have to do with me?"

    1. Debby Bruck profile image69
      Debby Bruckposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      We all live on the planet and are part of humanity. What affects one affects all. But, that may not be your opinion. If we learn a lesson how to amend and repair the earth, then we can apply that lesson when a war does affect us each individually.

  3. Wayne Brown profile image83
    Wayne Brownposted 6 years ago

    I think one would have to be at the pinnacle of leadership to have enough information to know. I read that when Kennedy and Krushchev squared off over the Cuban missle crisis, it was a function of who blinked first.  Luckily, Krushchev did but both men were in a pickle as their military leaders etc. were urging them to not lose the first strike opportunity in a war of nuclear attrition.  We dodged that bullet much to the relief of both leaders of that day.  Out of it, Kennedy and Krushchev developed an unofficial back channel communication through hand-written letters carried back and forth via secret couriers.  Out of it, both of the realized that they both wanted peace and both wanted to avert a nuclear disaster in the world.  Both men also recognized that their hands were also partially tied by the ideaological abyss between the two nations.  This is all outlined a very good book entitled, "JFK and The Unspeakable".  The book also ties this relationship to JFK's assassination.  No war can be stopped if those promoting it are not truthful in their rationalization of it.  ~WB

    1. Debby Bruck profile image69
      Debby Bruckposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Wayne - Thank you for this inside look at averting an all out war by two leaders, and the means by which they had to save face and realize their desire for peace. I wonder about today's leaders. Can the common man not play a part in the outcome?

    2. teaches12345 profile image94
      teaches12345posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I agree with Wayne. Leadership has bettter understanding on communicating effectively to prevent war.  THe key is to prevent the act of war by having alliance and good standing.

  4. Annsalo profile image84
    Annsaloposted 6 years ago

    There are no words that can be said. Like it or not war is human nature. Not having the same opinions, being angry with others for not sharing our belief, fighting, and war are all built in to us in one way or another.

  5. Beata Stasak profile image82
    Beata Stasakposted 6 years ago

    Every great leader knows that it is much easier to gather people if they have the same grievance and cause and make them passionate about war than other way around....

    It seems that people always prefer to blame someone's else for their own wrongdoing and they will follow any great leader to war in promise of great victory over those who they choose to victimize...

    You have to change the 'human make-up' to finish war and there are no words and no action that help that....at least not now....maybe we need to evolve little bit more... yes they are 'exceptions to this rule, unfortunatelly they are and they have always been in minority...

    1. Debby Bruck profile image69
      Debby Bruckposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you for such a thoughtful answer. Maybe we can evolve quickly now with social networking.

  6. M Asif Jameel profile image75
    M Asif Jameelposted 3 years ago

    Debby! the image you posted with your question is enough to get the answer for it


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