Who is happy with all their possessions on earth?

  1. caughtyoureye profile image60
    caughtyoureyeposted 5 years ago

    Who is happy with all their possessions on earth?

    Did you know youre not really happy, and/or not fully experiencing your full happiness potential. Dont you want to be pleasing to your father?

  2. Kasman profile image83
    Kasmanposted 5 years ago

    I don't think any person is 100 percent truly happy with all they have, happiness is fleeting.  But "JOY" is different.  It's not dependent on the circumstances of life.  It's a solid footing you have when you know the Lord.

  3. Maggie Bennett profile image72
    Maggie Bennettposted 4 years ago

    I think Bill Gates might be.  He is also attempting to do some good with what he has been given. 

    I believe you are pleasing to your father when you do what is right for you to the best of your abilities, and then help others as you can along the way. 

    The thought that I might be happier if I had material things never really has been a part of my mindset.  I like nice things, but money is not a motivator for me and never has been.  That is where I am an odd man out in this game of life, but I think it is the key to my living a life that is possibly pleasing to my father also.