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If you could disprove a hoax even if a large number of other people believe the

  1. flacoinohio profile image82
    flacoinohioposted 5 years ago

    If you could disprove a hoax even if a large number of other people believe the story behind it?

    There are several types of topics where people want to believe that something exists.  Such topics are ghosts and spirits, religious symbols such as Jesus appearing on a pice of toast, UFOs and aliens, and creatures such as Sasquatch and the Abominal Snowman.  I recently looked at a photograph in which the owner of the photo claims a ghostly figure was captured in the photograph.  The paper has a stain on it either from liquid or from other source such as heat, the damage combined with elements of the image photographed created an image that resembles a ghastly figure, but is clearly not real.

  2. Marcus99 profile image58
    Marcus99posted 5 years ago

    Christianity; the greatest hoax of all time. Was the man real? Probably. Did he say some wise things? Probably. Everything else,......really?

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    Rayne123posted 5 years ago

    I believe in God as he does talk to me in the way I will understand as he does with everyone .I have always believed in God and always will. I have my own proof and I really dont need proof to believe in God, he is in existence and it to me its common sense.

    Like God says, we have no excuse not to know about God, whether we believe or not, so if you suffer the consequences of your sins, you have all the means in the world to know about God.

    Just to make it clear if you are talking about the same story I read on the toast thing, it was satan's name written on the toast. Jesus would never ever make his name known on  a piece of toast. IF it was obviously it was not Jesus.

    As for crop circles and aliens, ghosts no I do not believe in them. I do believe in the unknown but the unknown is the God his Angels and the power of our minds/hearts.

    I also believe that there are a lot of out there this is unexplainable however this comes from our creator when and what he wants us to know.

    I do believe in evil spirits that tempt us as Jesus talks about, however if we do not allow them to do so they wont. They do not have charge over us and God only allows satan to go as far as God wants.

    I think as long as you have love which satan does not, you can overcome anything. This includes evil. Those that have evil in their hearts are people with problems and usually miserable, however they can be changed around if they have the will to do so.

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      Rayne123posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Sorry I know time has passed since this question however I have to clarify what  I meant to say and it was the toast thing, Jesus would never leave the word satan or do anything of what is spoken here. sorry