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Does Absolute Evil Exist?

  1. JMcFarland profile image88
    JMcFarlandposted 5 years ago

    Does Absolute Evil Exist?

    Who judges what is absolutely evil or absolutely good?

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    Deepes Mindposted 5 years ago

    God is the final judge of all things. With in mind, I cannot say for sure as to whether there is or not as it would involve making a determination as to what constituted Evil (which would be passing judgement. The bible states judge and you will be judged.

  3. Craig Suits profile image76
    Craig Suitsposted 5 years ago

    First one must agree on what evil is. I could mention many so called evil men in history that went on to live long and prosperous lives so leaving out religious fairy tales no one can answer that question.
    I would suggest one thing to contemplate that unfortunatly will get you no closer to answering your question than you are now.

    Pick what you think to be an evil person in recent history and assume they are as sane as you. If you picked a serial killer, try to enter their minset to understand why they did what they did. Then try the same thing with a political figure that deliberatly starts wars for personal gain knowing millions of innocent people may be killed. Try to get into their minds as well.
    Chances are you won't even get in the front door.
    Even God, is he evil? No you say? Go to Youtube and pull up some of the High def videos of entire cities being swept away. If that's not absolute evil I don't know what is. But he loves us you say. Hmmmmm... All except the twenty thousand men, women, and children still buried somewhere under miles of mud and debris.
    Then there is the 200,000 dead in Hati. The 227,000 dead from the Indian ocean tsunami and hundreds of other catastrophies man kind had nothing to do with. If there is such a thing or individual that is absolutly evil....Guess who?.
    And please, don't even mention the red guy with warts, and a tail with an arrow on the end. Most of the people reading this will be older than six.

  4. Brandon Tart profile image61
    Brandon Tartposted 5 years ago

    We know it when we see it.  We don't have to believe in Evil, it loves to rear its beautiful head.  I say that based on the Judaeo-C take on Satan being a Pretty mother****er.

    As for evil, it certainly exists and something assists its continuity, even if its the apathy on our part to annihilate it.  Does absolute Good exist? I wonder why we avoid asking that?  We may not, since so many people believe that God exists, that He is extremely good, if not exceedingly good, and therefore --- Absolute Good.  Sounds like the kind of Drink for me on a Friday.  "Absolut Good."

    I think its just another extension of Metaphysical, A Priori value judgments, vs A Posteriori.  It's where some thinkers deeply and passionately want to go in their hearts and minds, and where other's fear treading because they genuinely fear that making a discernment might be confused with them passing judgment.

    Does it exist?  A matter of A Priori thinking.
    Can we put it under a microscope?  We would not ask such questions as does Absolute Good or Evil exist if we could.

    If we could, neither of them would allow it to take place.  Evil would see to it that we remain sheep for its food and fun, and Good would see to it that we remain sheep so that when we behave good or morally, we don't do it out of compulsion, but out of a genuine love for good needing to be done for the closest thing to peace on earth's sake. 

    If we could see either one, then we'd know that both are Facts.  That we cannot, is a matter of relativistic modern thinking, and therefore, a matter of what we believe and regard as being True.

    Yes, absolute evil exists, but I don't want to see it to know because it is exceedingly beautiful and I may just fall in love with it lest something keep it at bay from demonstrating what it could potentially do for me.  I am safe in making that statement as are all of us who wish to discern black from white - the Absolute, and the Good.

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      goldenprince13posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Hi there,Evil to me is Live in reverse, look what suffering beings go through and cause to others, this condition i write of on my hub The Perfect Narcissist world ? is the closest description i see of evil, as they do not "live" they exist only,

  5. Samith Jhon profile image66
    Samith Jhonposted 5 years ago

    Yes, I think it does. Absolute evil is unwavering desire to inflict as much pain, suffering and destruction as possible on everything that is alive. Absolute evil could not exist in human form as it is not possible for any human to concentrate enough effort to produce anything in absolutes. However, absolute evil could exist spiritually.

    Absolute good is the opposite and again could only exist spiritually.

    God and the devil are obvious candidates, not necessarily in that order.