Do You Believe That God Will Preserve Israel?

  1. jamesrk profile image31
    jamesrkposted 4 years ago

    Do You Believe That God Will Preserve Israel?

    Israel is surrounded by enemies seeking to destroy her. They are threatened by neighbors who want her driven into the sea. They constantly live with the reality that many do not want them to exist. What  are your thoughts? Will God preserve them through it all?

  2. Ms Dee profile image88
    Ms Deeposted 4 years ago

    No, not all. I believe the pattern, explained for example in Isaiah 10:30ff and 11:20ff, will happen again. A remnant survives. This pattern continue up till the Lord's second coming, as seen in Zechariah 14:2, after which on that Day when He stands on the Mount of Olives, He provides a final remnant a way of escape (Zech 14:3-5).

  3. WalterPoon profile image79
    WalterPoonposted 4 years ago

    Well, God only helps those who help themselves. If Israel cannot preserve itself, it only means that the Israelis are not helping themselves enough. Where, then, does God enter into the equation?