Vernicle Conundrum?

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    tbHistorianposted 4 years ago

    Vernicle Conundrum?

    Why does the image of Jesus spark a confusing difficult problem or question? Is it based on the rise of evil that has spawned devil worship? Is it the fear of death? What do you think is the reason that immoral growth is damaging the society?

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    tsadjatkoposted 4 years ago

    Immorality is just another word for sin. Sin has grown, has abounded ever since it entered the earth. It is what caused God to destroy the world once in the time of Noah and it will be in the end times as it was in the time of Noah. Growth of immorality is not anything new nor will it end before the second coming of Christ. SIn begets more sin and even Christianity does not eradicate it but omnly provides salvation from the consequences of it in that Christ has paid your punishment for your sins if you believe on him.
    Why does the image of Jesus spark a confusing difficult problem or question?
    It all depends upon your perspective. If your perspective is that of "a sinner saved by grace" the image of Jesus does not spark anything except thankfulness and love for him that he should sacrifice himself that I may live,
    If your perspective is that of an unbeliever, well then it is obvious where the problem lies. The difficult problem or question that is invoked to the unbeliever confronting the image of Jesus is that he is left with two choices, submit and accept his creator who is holy and is the only salvation of his soul or reject him, for whatever reasons, and be condemned to hell for eternity. Not a choice anyone would want to make but is forced to make whether they believe it or not, thus sparking what you describe as a confusing difficult problem or question. No matter what you believe, believing don't make it so..what is, is and you won't "know" 'till you get there.

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    Ericdierkerposted 4 years ago

    We are not born to greatness. We are born to weakness. We really need to get that through our heads. I do not believe in "sin by birth". But I do believe in fault by being born man.
    Yes I believe we are born "in God's" image but then so would a picture be. It gets very deep right about there.
    Jesus Christ looks exactly like me. And I am ugly. So how does that work? He also looks just like my son and he is handsome, so how does that work. Oh and he is Asian and I am whitebread. How does that work?

    An image of our Lord? My son and I walked around the house and looked at our 5 pictures of Jesus on Christmas day. My three year old shook his head and said "Dad, Jesus does not live on the wall, He lives in our heart"
    Amen Child and that is why children are our leaders in faith.