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Why is that religious people behave so spitefully against others?

  1. vtwilli profile image75
    vtwilliposted 3 years ago

    Why is that religious people behave so spitefully against others?

  2. mgeorge1050 profile image79
    mgeorge1050posted 3 years ago

    This is a good question and I am sure you will get a ton of different answers.  I don't know the answer, but I do agree that some people are a little over the top with their beliefs.  I asked a couple of religious questions on here and some Christians basically verbally attacked me until I gave up the topic.  The funny thing is, I think most religions probably promote peace and acceptance.  It is sad that there are a few folks out there that don't practice what they preach.

  3. lisavollrath profile image97
    lisavollrathposted 3 years ago

    I've always thought that organized religion splits the world into "us" and "them", in the same way that nationalities and races do. It's so easy to fall into the thinking that people like "us" are sensible and normal, while people like "them" are somehow lesser, for not being like "us". People like "us" are right and just, and people like "them" need to be brought in line, and told what right and just means.

    I think this pattern has been repeated over and over again throughout history. It's always about us and them. If we could just learn that we're all one, and not a bunch of fractious groups, the world would be a much better place.

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    JThomp42posted 3 years ago

    Ego.... one wants to believe their way of thinking is the only way. The Bible is so misinterpreted it is ridiculous. Folks take one verse out and make a denomination out of it. ie. snake handlers.

    My suggestion is to be full of Christs love and TRY and be more sensitive to one another's beliefs.

    1. Robert the Bruce profile image60
      Robert the Bruceposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Excellent suggestions, JT. I hope that you will begin to follow your own advice soon, especially toward atheists. This using the Bible to justify smear campaigns is deceitful. We're still waiting for the "Christs love" you mentioned. Good day.

    2. profile image0
      JThomp42posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      This what I am striving to do everyday Robert. I am only human and I do fail. But, this is really no excuse for losing one's temper. In which I am cursed with (temper) Saying that, I intend to show Christ's love and TRY not to become angry. Good day!

    3. Robert the Bruce profile image60
      Robert the Bruceposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      That's great, JT. Though I won't hold my breath on the matter. You've said these things before and then the next day it's back to the deception and attacks. Deleting my civil comments today is one example. Well anyway, we'll see how it goes.   smile

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      JThomp42posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Also remember Robert, respect goes BOTH ways my friend. If we can agree to disagree and be civil to one another and respect one another's beliefs... its all good. smile The reason for that was that thread was way out of control. It just needed to end.

  5. Robert the Bruce profile image60
    Robert the Bruceposted 3 years ago

    Speaking from experience, religious people feel the need to validate their beliefs in their own minds by attacking the beliefs or non-belief of others. They feel as though they are "fighting the good fight" and pleasing their god by condemning and verbally assaulting fellow Hubbers. In reality, they are discrediting their faith and driving others away because of their nasty, condemning attitude.

    In the case of Christians, the Bible calls for an effort on their part to spread their beliefs through preaching. While this may be legitimate within the religion, I'm sure their Bible does not justify the consistent name-calling and deceitful actions that many of it's followers employ.

  6. WiccanSage profile image95
    WiccanSageposted 3 years ago

    Some people are spiteful.

    Most people are religious, so most spiteful people are going to be religious simply by odds.

    Correlation isn't causation, particularly in this case, as there are also spiteful people who are non-religious, and religious people who are not spiteful.

  7. vtwilli profile image75
    vtwilliposted 3 years ago

    I am a Christian. From early experiences in the church I developed a dislike for any church that had hierarchy and rules. I do believe what the Bible teaches and I have  a problem with anyone who only wants to quote pieces of it. I do not feel that Christians display the love that Christ promoted. I do not think that the church is involved enough in community affairs. I am saddened that the "Church-folk" turn their noses up at people that deem are "unholy" how can you draw people in and minister to them if you are unapproachable?

  8. cjhunsinger profile image75
    cjhunsingerposted 3 years ago

    It is a club mentality. I belong and you do not. I am privileged and you are not. I am special and you are not. I am white and you are not. I am black and you are not. I am this and you are not. My god is bigger than your god. My house, my car, my clothes. I am 13 and you are 10. I  am 21 and you are 18.
    It is human nature. Fortunately most overcome this, better than business, because we tend to mature, Some do not. When weak people, who suffer low self esteem, identify with a cause, lets say the KKK or Black Panthers or Hitler's Brown Shirts, their weakness is turned into a "justified" hatred and mobs are formed, riots and looting happen and then there is something called ISIS or the Crusades.
    Such is not strictly religious, as it can be seen in any organization that recruits this type of personality..