Does Luke 4:16-17 where Jesus reads refutes the idea that Jesus was illiterate?

  1. Pedro Morales profile image60
    Pedro Moralesposted 3 years ago

    Does  Luke 4:16-17 where Jesus reads refutes the idea that Jesus was illiterate?

    Jesus not only reads from Isaiah but interprets the content as being fulfilled on his own person. To properly answer this question one would have to address the historicity of this story, preferably not based on personal opinion but on scholarly research from commentaries, and other relevant studies.

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    Zelkiiroposted 3 years ago

    The entire written record of Jesus is suspicious. Obviously, we have testimony from Josephus and other 1st century Roman/Jewish historians that a "Jesus from Nazareth" was a popular religious figure at the time, so he must have been a real guy (along with Apollonius of Tyana, who's also interesting to read about). But, of course, the obvious question must be put forth:

    If Jesus was a rabbi, where are his writings? From the very inception of Judaism, rabbis were notorious for writing anything and everything down, and with meticulous attention to detail, too. So naturally, Jesus would have done the same. But his writings are nowhere to be found. And neither the Bible nor actual historical texts tell us he ever wrote anything. So that leaves either two options:

    A. Either Jesus really did write a bunch of stuff, but we just haven't lucked out and found either the writings themselves or any texts that refer to his writings yet, or...

    B. ...Jesus' followers were full of crap, and posthumously proclaimed him to be a rabbi in order to appear legitimate to the Jewish population (just as they made Pontius Pilate look like a good guy in the gospels to appeal to the Romans).