Have you ever changed your attitude on the subject of sin?

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  1. lone77star profile image83
    lone77starposted 4 years ago

    Have you ever changed your attitude on the subject of sin?

    This could be specific sins or sin in general. What changed? Why did it change? How did such a change affect your life?


  2. profile image53
    peter565posted 4 years ago

    Just because something is a sin in the Christian faith doesn't mean it is wrong.  As a Christian, you should be listen to the teaching of Jesus, not the bible.  If you look at Christianity from a historical point of view, you realized, Jesus' never create the Christian faith.  He was merely a philosopher, just like Confucius.  Christianity is a religion create by people that comes after Jesus, in his name, which might also be why in the early day, Romans see Christianity as a cult.  And these people also created the Christian faith and wrote the bible.  Most stuff within the bible are not the words of Jesus and some biography of Jesus was changed.  For example, within the bible, the biography of Jesus written by his disciples record Jesus saying he is "son of god", heal people by touching them, and Mary's virgin birth. But when we look at the original version, which the bible took it from, it is very different, for example it didn't say "son of god" it said "servant of god" and Jesus didn't heal people by touch, but by intensive understanding of the usage of herbs for medical purpose and there was no Virgin birth, it clearly said Joseph and Mary gave birth to Jesus prior to their union and there was no angels telling Mary Jesus is the son of god, only saying prior to knowing she is pregnant, Mary had a dream, where a star fall into her stomach.   In other word, the bible changed things, to add to the holy nature of Jesus. Add to the irony, the mainstream church "Catholic" was originally a political cult, created in Jesus' name, its real purpose was for the last Roman Emperor Constancy to secure his power and the Catholic church, killed more Christian, then anybody else, in the era of Roman history and continue to suppress people in religion's name, afterwards.  Even Jesus and Peter foretold organization like such to emerge saying, the devil would rise, disguise as the servant of god and conduct evil, in his name, which is exactly what we saw within the Catholic church. In fact, even during WW2, the Catholic church endorse Hitler for massacre Jews referring to it as "work of god." During the 18th century, Napolian invaded the Vadican city and dissolve the Roman Catholic church, for the purpose of stopping the church using its religion status to influence society, for its own selfish gain.  The British created their own Catholic church, in the 16th century, which the government can control, also to rid of Roman Catholic church's influence.

    1. lone77star profile image83
      lone77starposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you, Peter, for your answer. Where is this version of the Bible you talk about? Personally, I believe in the miracles and "son of God" part. I've seen to many miracles in my own life. But we're all "sons" of God, if we love others as ourselves.

    2. profile image53
      peter565posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I can't remember exactly where, but I was watching a documentary try to discover the real Jesus in history. I think they were found in an archive preserved by the Orthodox church, it show Jesus more as a man then a miracle worker

    3. lone77star profile image83
      lone77starposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks, Peter. But so many secular attempts at understanding the spiritual are like blind men trying to condemn all talk of color.

    4. profile image53
      peter565posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      I probably should point out. I'm not Christian, so when I look at Jesus and bible, I am looking at history, not religion, none Christian are more critical and ask hard question, while looking at the bible and question the bible's accuracy

    5. lone77star profile image83
      lone77starposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks! I've been many things this lifetime. If I remain humble and hungry, I too can read with critical thinking. Bible was written by Kabbalists in code, so very few really understand it.


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