Is this Lebron and the team of Destiny?

  1. N8Ball profile image61
    N8Ballposted 3 years ago

    Is this Lebron and the team of Destiny?

    Even without K Love, even without Kyrie Irving, Lebron James and the all star squad of James Jones, Timothy Mozgov, and Mathew Dellavadova have evened up the 2015 NBA Finals at 1-1. Lebron is playing at an insanely high level, almost willing his team to victory on his back, a back that played 50 minutes in game 2 by the way. He is not going to allow Cleveland to lose in this finals, after everything the team has been through, after all the adversity they have overcome, King James is determined to deliver the Championship to Wine and Gold Nation. As a native Ohioan, I couldn't be more excited.

  2. Phil Perez profile image79
    Phil Perezposted 3 years ago

    Dellavadova was the one who did an insanely good job last night. LeBron is capable of pushing himself and his teammates to success. Don't forget; LeBron is practically unstoppable. There's no one at the position that can stop him (not even Durant), physically speaking, considering that he has his back down in the paint more often now... It was a good buzzer-beating shot, I have to admit, but LeBron can't stay guarding Curry because all of GSW's players are great! I mean in comparison to Curry and Thompson, not so much but in general. They're too quick and shot happy. LeBron isn't as quick (even though he's speedy for his size) and must stay guarding bigger players in the perimeter.

    I'm sure LeBron didn't want the burden (again) of being fully responsible for his team's failures and successes. He wants help, he doesn't want to do it alone, which is why he left in the first place. LeBron, now with the other two gone, is probably expected to play 40+ minutes per game if not the entire 48 sometimes.

    I still say either Warriors in 7 or 5. I say 5 if LeBron breaks down and has given up. Its happened in the past. When the Spurs were blowing out LeBron and the Heat. Even before this win they had I called 5 just because I knew they'd get in at least one. I love LeBron great role model, very strict minded, a great fighter but I don't see him winning this series, unfortunately. I'm crazy over the Warriors, Steve Kerr did a fantastic job bettering the squad - finally giving them defense!

  3. dashingscorpio profile image86
    dashingscorpioposted 3 years ago

    It's too soon to tell.
    In theory if LeBron had made the final shot during regulation of the first game the Cavs would be up 2-0 and heading to Cleveland.
    One thing I have noticed is Timofey Mozgov (center) for Cleveland finished Sunday's impressive Game 2 victory with 17 points and 11 rebounds in 29 minutes, despite not playing at all in the fourth quarter
    As I recall in the first game they started him and the Cavs built up a lead and then they sat him down. They repeated it in the second game as well. At one point the Cavs had a 11 point lead in the third quarter and yet Mozgov wasn't allowed to play in the fourth quarter.
    He's a nice offensive weapon for LeBron to get the ball to near the basket and he also tends to make his free throws if he's fouled. It makes me wonder if the games would have been as close if he were playing in the paint during the fourth quarter.


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