Tarot reading interpretation assistance -I have my cards & for others for years

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    keepitnaturalposted 2 years ago

    Tarot reading interpretation assistance -I have my cards & for others for years now yet this is a...

    subject very close to my heart & wondered if there are any tarot readers of all abilities who may be able to give their guidance on this one!?
    I am most grateful for any input received.
    The reading was in two parts; firstly I asked what the reason was for my partner suddenly leaving me, as I have truly no idea. The first 2 cards immediately felt relevant then the following ones spun round in the deck.
    I then asked if he is still in love with me & again, the first 2 felt relevant while the last was face up on top of the deck when I looked down.
    Thank you so much for any help <3


  2. HP Official Poet profile image60
    HP Official Poetposted 2 years ago

    Temperance plus the hanged man in this layout shows two unrelated but reinforcing issues for your partner leaving you, neither of which you could have prevented.  The high priestess following a want card does indicate some turbulence in your relationship which was causing you to consider leaving him as well, though ultimately you made the choice to stay.  The meaning of the two coin cards in succession is cloudy due to the the three of swords appearing upside down, it could either mean you are not seeing the issues clearly because of other personal strife, or that you did expect the breakup and are secretly relieved. Either way the coins indicate the move is beneficial to you in the long run. With the king of swords adjacent to another sword you should expect something positive to happen in near future, an opportunity that you have been waiting for will come to fruition.

  3. BizGenGirl profile image89
    BizGenGirlposted 10 months ago

    With temperance and the hanged man both in upright position, my thoughts lead towards issues of balance and self sacrifice. In terms of your question about why your partner left you, this would either say to me that either he didn't feel his needs were being met or he somehow felt he needed to sacrifice your relationship in order to keep or obtain something else he wanted more. Alternatively, it could be that he might have felt you were too clingy or self sacrificing in the relationship, whether or not you really were. Either way, it's a matter driven mostly by emotions, with issues concerning a spiritual nature, a "calling" of sorts, or a divergence of his and your path for higher reasons, regardless of how they manifested.

    The following four, which I think you intended to say were a part of that same first question, seem to confirm my suspicion that this separation involves more than just the mere happenstance of two people just falling out of love. They also whisper knowledge of secrets, a wondering eye/mind, and troubles with money and status. These cards together could indicate that some path or another that your former partner has always wanted to followr, or for whatever reason felt intensely called to follow, came up and he decided that path was more important to him than your former relationship. I don't see anything in any of these first 6 cards that indicates he fell in love with anyone else, or was angry with you, or anything like that. There might have been some social situation that influenced his decision; something that likely either fed off of something he felt guilty about, or someting that made him feel like he was amending some situation.

    The last three cards, which I think you're saying are in response to your question about whether or not he's still in love with you, seem to be saying that he was never truly in love with you in the first place, as indicated by the 3 of swords reversed, even though he did enjoy much of his time with you. He might have been a Cancer, Gemini, or Aquarius -- or had a moon sign in one of those signs, and possibly just the type who wants what they want until they have it and then don't want it anymore, which would explain why he would just leave without any explanation for why he left.

    I'm also getting form these cards that he might've wanted to have deeper discussions with you about the relationship and the ending, but that he wasn't emotionally capable of doing so, so he just ran.