J'accuse: Christians

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  1. Don W profile image84
    Don Wposted 9 years ago

    Christianity is not about being sticking doggedly to the letter of some dogmatic message at the expense of compassion. Christianity was a reaction against such orthodoxy. Christianity is about living life with  love.

    Don’t blame atheists or Muslims or Buddhists or new age spiritualists or anyone else for what you see as the attack on Christianity from secularism. Blame Christians who have destroyed the message of Christianity. Love was that message not hate.

    What I see is Christian leaders wrangling over abortion, homosexuality, whether or not creationism is taught in schools. What I don’t see are church leaders addressing the issues of millions upon millions of people in the world who are starving to death. Is that not as important as the discussion of evolution? In the time it took me to write this sentence how many people have died of starvation or curable diseases somewhere in the world?

    YOU as a Christian are doing what about that? YOU as a ”light of the world” are doing what about that? Is that unfair? If you will believe in god and everything that Christian definition of god stands for, then it’s not unfair. If you place yourself as a “light of the world” then where is your light? Where is your love?

    Where are the billions of Christians marching around the world to demand more be done to solve the problems of world hunger and poverty? Where are the billions of Christians marching on Washington, on London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Caracas, Brasília. Where are you? Does the starvation of millions of people not call for mass action? Is it more important to shout in the face of a woman as she enters an abortion clinic?

    So J'accuse you Christians of not living up to the message of your own name sake. J'accuse you Christians for not remembering the meaning of the tenets of your faith. J'accuse you Christians for not standing up for love and charity and goodness unless it costs you nothing. J'accuse you Christians for corrupting Christianity, for despoiling the beatific vision. J'accuse you Christians for rejecting the corner stone and the paschal lamb and everything those symbols represent, J'accuse you Christians for killing Christ(ianity).

  2. Don W profile image84
    Don Wposted 9 years ago

    there was alcahol involved in the creation of this thread if thats any excuse.

    1. profile image54
      (Q)posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      It really is amazing the things we say sometimes, eh Don? wink

      Nonetheless, I thought the OP was well written, to the point and covered mostly all the bases. There is little more to offer.

      Well done, sir. Have another drink and toast yourself for bringing up an excellent topic.

      1. Don W profile image84
        Don Wposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        cheers (Q) and happy neew year.

    2. yoshi97 profile image68
      yoshi97posted 9 years agoin reply to this

      My (not so) controlled experiements with alcohol have found that it often imbibes one with the truth. smile

      I can't argue with a word you said as it spoke wholeheartedly about the mess facing us today. It's so easy for people of faith to scream over morality, and yet, how much are they doing to spread good will and help others in need?

      Are they awoken to become judges or saints? or is it possible they remain asleep, with their eyes closed, unable to see the suffering in need of help.

    3. IntimatEvolution profile image80
      IntimatEvolutionposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Excuse for what?  Ranting about the wrongs of Christians?  The only thing I see wrong with your statement is that it would have made for a great hub. 

      You bring up very logical viewpoints in your message.  It should make good Christians think about their own Christian journey.

  3. profile image0
    Denno66posted 9 years ago

    Were any animals harmed in the posting of this thread as well?

    1. Don W profile image84
      Don Wposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      No animals were harmed during the posting of tyhis thread. although the animal that is my ego did run amok.

  4. wyanjen profile image81
    wyanjenposted 9 years ago

    Protesting a women's clinic is much more exciting than a morning spent in a soup kitchen, unfortunately.


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