To astrologers out there, what changes & periods of growth do you see in the per

  1. gmwilliams profile image83
    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago

    To astrologers out there, what changes & periods of growth do you see in the period of

    Neptune in Pisces (2012-2026)?

  2. James Power profile image72
    James Powerposted 3 years ago

    Astrology has a strange way of telling the future. I believe the Pisces symbology, links to climate change and how the seas will rise as the ice caps melt (climate change). It is also believed that we are in the age of Aquarius (depending on which calendar you follow), which further solidifies the notion that water will be the doom of our civilization.

    However, if you believe in the bibles teachings you have nothing to fear as it indicates a new savior will come and as long as you follow him in to the house that he leads you, thou shall be saved - The man with the jug of water symbolizing a savior in the age of Aquarius.

  3. gmwilliams profile image83
    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago

    The veil between the material & spiritual worlds will disappear.  Spirituality will be as natural as the physical functions.  There will be a greater acceptance of spirituality beyond religion.  People will have new meaning of what it is to be spiritual.  Traditional religion will probably either evolve or die down. 

    There will be an appreciation of androgyny in our collective psychology as we contain both masculine & feminine characteristics.  Strict gender paradigms will become a thing of the past.  Gender paradigms will become more fluid.  In fact, strict gender paradigms will become a thing of the past.  There will be more acceptance of gender diversity & lifestyles.

    Media will become more universalistic.  More & more homes will have sophisticated forms of media.  Movies & other forms of entertainment will become more fantastical & escapist.  People will turn to entertainment to temporarily help them forget their problems. 

    Now, back to spirituality.  Spiritual worlds will be as real as the material world was in the 20th & early 21st centuries.  Science & spirituality will merge to create a more enlightened society.  There will be a further class divide between the wealthy/affluent/educated & the poor/impoverished/uneducated.  The former will have full career & education access,  having a phenomenal culture while the latter will have shrinking career & educational access.  They will become part of the evergrowing underclass with extremely limited prospects. The former will have even more unforetold opportunities while the latter will be devolved into a permanent semi-slave class w/very few rights. 

    The poor/impoverished/uneducated will be oppressed as never before in this century nor the 20th century.  They will be oppressed as in the 18th & 19th century.  The poor/impoverished/uneducated will be severely contained through the ever burgeoning prison system & through the institution of a new draft.  The wealthy/affluent/educated will be even more of an uber class.   

    The socioeconomics of the world will be an increasing globalization & diversification of nations, particularly first world nations as more non-Caucasians in the population. There will be a few Caucasians alarmed at this, they will become even more extreme in their racist angst.  Many Asian & African nations will assume first world socioeconomic status.


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