integrating your faith in your personal website/blog or social media

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    mudpiesformomposted 8 years ago

    What are, if any, success stories of integrating your faith in social media?  How about the pitfalls?  Declaring yourself as a Christian may limit the number of people you could reach with the word of God, but it could also create an atmosphere where you deny who you are and what you are about....

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      khawfashposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I think the success stories are that we'll never know how many people's lives we've sowed good seed into by integrating our faith with social media.  Many people will be challenged to evaluate their lives because of our words. And many will receive the call of Christ as a result.

      As far as the pitfalls, they come along with the opportunity to share our faith.  I don't dwell on those.  I see them as opportunities to grow in faith, learn more about myself and become more apt at reaching those in need of salvation.

      Declaring oneself as a Christian will limit the number of people one can reach, but for me I was driven to write about what my faith.  What's in our hearts is what we'll write about.  My faith is where my passion lies. 

      I have many other topics I will discuss on hubpages, but Christianity will remain my number one topic.