Did You Ever Have An Angelic Visitation of any kind?

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    Atcelleposted 21 months ago

    Did You Ever Have An Angelic Visitation of any kind?

    With so much going on in world and the spiritual and natural realms I myself had encounters of this way from the time I was young and today I am going 48 and still have these visitations smile And Yes! I know that so much more individuals out there has been getting visitations as well smile


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    TeamSTMposted 21 months ago


    Here lately more than ever yes! About 4 to 6 months ago, I would hear strange sounds of things moving through walls, ceilings and windows. Even though there was no one but me in the room. Whenever I heard these sounds when I was alone in a dark room or a room with low light, I would start to get an eerie feeling and the hairs on the back of my neck would stand up! When I called upon the Name above All Names, whatever they where would flee and leave me alone.

    Now, when I hear these sounds, they are not as impressive and I don't have that same eerie feeling. Just to test them, I still call on the Name above All Names just to be sure. Plus more than ever, I am seeing more orbs or balls of light, daytime noon and night! I pray and fast, and I know the enemy wants to destroy me. I have exposed his plan and his kingdom, but Greater is He which is in me, than that which is in the world!!

    So I fear not, worry not and doubt not. I know I am protected and doing His Will, and that's what truly matters!

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      Atcelleposted 21 months agoin reply to this

      Yes! You are always Protected,Those are not Holy Angelic Angels but demons that is why your hair stand up your get eerie feelings and go into prayer mode a lot of individuals have awaken spiritually with eyes and ears have been open to see and hear