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My New Purpose for My HubPages Account is to Sound the Alarm, for Time is Short! As of 6/1/2016, This is my Calling, to Help Others Come to Jesus; This is Done For the Glorification of the Lord Jesus!! This is Not Accomplished by my Will or for myself, I only hear a Messages From Him, HubPages He Wants Me to Write and this is what I Do for the Lord Jesus! There Are Still People Who Need to Know the Good News of Jesus Christ and His Sacrifice for All of Humanity at the Cross!

The Time For His Appearance in The Clouds Will be Soon, Are You Ready?

The Purposes of the New Hubs are to Relate the Bible With the Current Events of Today!!

Don't Miss the "Signs," Time is Almost At Hand!!

For Those Who are asking, my Name is Samuel, but I go by Sam. My Earthly Father wanted to name me as a junior, Elohim (I Am That I Am) spoke to my Mother and Told Her to Name me Samuel at my birth instead. Now Samuel means, "Asked of Father God!" This is the name the Lord Jesus wanted me to have.

Now TeamSTM also has a meaning; Team being the Lord Jesus and The-Man named Samuel or Sam; the T-M is also because of the Lord, which stands for The-Man, TeamSTM. So put the whole thing together..., Team Sam-The-Man or TeamSTM. "STM" was given to me in the 1990's at a young age. I didn't use it online until about 2006, 2007 with Squidoo, 2010 with HubPages and YouTube.

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