Pisces manipulate

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    Daisie108posted 20 months ago

    Pisces manipulate

    Pisces enemies

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    gmwilliamsposted 20 months ago


    Although Pisces is known as the self-sacrificing, evolved, spiritual, & altruistic sign, the negative Pisces acts from a victimology mode.  This Pisces is quite adept of using victimology to take advantage of other's weaknesses.  This Pisces is capable of playing the victim in order to manipulate others to do their binding or to do things for them that they can't, don't, or even WON'T do for themselves. 

    The negative Pisces is not above using emotional, psychological, &/or even psychic blackmail to get others to do what THEY want.  They are the psychological, if not psychic vampires of the zodiac.   Because the negative Pisces exists in the victimology mode, it is very easy for them to think that they have enemies, either publicly or secretly.  These Pisces passively attack their enemies, public, secret, imaginary, or otherwise by any means necessary.  They are quite adept at using the proverbial honey as paralyzing or immobilizing venom to disarm such enemies.