When a person says they are "saved", what exactly does that mean?

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    snapcracklepopposted 18 months ago

    When a person says they are "saved", what exactly does that mean?

    What are they saved from? And is being "saved" a permanent thing or experience? Can a person become unsaved? Is the statement "Once saved always saved" really based on the Bible?

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    peter565posted 18 months ago

    This kinda remind me of this satire comedy's interpritation of what it meant to "be saved" in Christian term. Its kinda funny smile https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNtBkOXItqw

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    manatita44posted 18 months ago

    They alone know what they mean. God-men come into the world to point the way, but we have to do the work. We are all accountable and when the time comes, you will not be asked about your friends, parents or husband, but rather what you did for God.

    God-men do have the capacity to transmit Grace and do so according to the Will of the Supreme, but the individual effort has to be made by the Soul. If I gave you a million dollars free every Friday, you may be happy for 5, 20, 40 years, but the day will come when your own Soul will be disgusted with you for not working like everyone else. No one escapes self-effort.

    " O Bible, the Saviour has taken away my sins, will you not take away my little, little worries, at least?" _ Sri Chinmoy.