Does some one knows when he will die?

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    MimounAdilposted 16 months ago

    Does some one knows when he will die?

    Life is a start to an end wich is unknowen, so best way to have a nice end is to tale care about our things we make, be clean means heart and body, be straight means to do it correctly. So being nice with people ha ve or not it's the same. Have a nice end

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    manatita44posted 16 months ago

    One may die anytime. There is a story that illustrates this:

    Seeker to wise man: "I wish to Love God, but feel as if I'm not ready. When should I start?"

    Wise man: "Not one second before you die."
    Seeker: "But revered Sir, I may die tomorrow!"
    Wise man: "Precisely, do it now."

    We are always in the Eternal Now; The Here and Now; The Sacrament of The Present Moment.

    However, to answer your question another way as well, some people are given the Grace to sense it just before they leave this world. My mother was an example. She told my brother to call all her children from abroad, as she would be gone in two days. He laughed.

    She had been sick for some time and was confined to a wheel chair, but she did not look bad that day. However, she was gone in two days, and by the time he called us, it was too late.

    God-men; Seers; God's Advocates know, as they are one with God's Will. But they are very few in any lifetime. Some advanced Souls also know. It is best though, to always be in a state of readiness for the Beyond.

    "Do the things of this world as though you are always going to inhabit it.
    Do the things of the other world, as though you are going there tomorrow." - Author unknown.

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    CapCooLposted 16 months ago

    Well, if someone jumps out of a plane and the parachute doesn't open up, then yeah I'd guess they would know that they are about to die.