How can the mind be controlled

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    Tarigbolo Perfectposted 15 months ago

    How can the mind be controlled

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    manatita44posted 5 months ago

    With a combination of meditation and selfless service at the same time. Of course one needs faith in the Divine, to be followed by verbal prayer, interior prayer, concentration and meditation. After meditation there are higher stages, but this is a good start for you.

    In the beginning, the meditation will help the outer life and the outer life will help the meditation. Selfless service, gratitude, empathy or kindness widens the Heart and makes it more receptive to the Light Divine. But again, the more one practices the meditation, the greater the inner messages which teaches him/her the right way to go.

    The mind is said to be controlled when it is calm, vacant, still or quiet. At that point, meditation begins and Grace or the higher energy enters to infuse Peace.

    There are many exercises that we use: singing, devotional readings, visualisations, breathing and kundalini techniques, whirling, walking meditation .... all these are purely designed to make the mind calm, vacant and tranquil. Only in a tranquil mind will the higher Light enter the Heart.