Do u think this would be a just punishment for these Christian priests and nuns?

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    peter565posted 8 months ago

    Do u think this would be a just punishment for these Christian priests and nuns?

    1. Catholic Church home for unwed mothers: Till late 1970s Catholic Church in Ireland is authorized to arrest and throw women into their private prison for life, for been unwed mother, even if she was raped and their babies left starve to death and bury in unmark mass grave(Just punishment: Since they are punishing women for premarital sex and getting pregnent, force these nuns into prostitution) priets that lobby for killing gays (Just punishment: Force them to be gigolos for gay men)

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    lisavollrathposted 8 months ago

    Two wrongs don't make a right, and forcing anyone into sex slavery is never going to be right, in any situation. It's sort of a repulsive suggestion.

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    manatita44posted 8 months ago

    Your remarks remind me of guilt, fear, insecurity, anger, lust, attachment and greed. Most other forms of negativities spring from these and lie in the human heart; in ALL of us in  the process of growth.

    Religion evolves. My own Christianity has a lot to answer for, but I do feel inclined to see it this way. We know that there is a thorn in our foot and so we use another thorn to remove it. Human nature is full of thorns and the remedy is the power of Love. This is not new.

    Our own inner being has been filled with darkness for millennia. Yoga asks us for the transformation of our own nature, not that of others. Be the change you wish to see. Such a deep or lofty truth!! Peace!!