Why is war present due to religion conflict/issues?

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  1. Gladys06 profile image54
    Gladys06posted 5 years ago

    Why is war present due to religion conflict/issues?


  2. profile image0
    RTalloniposted 5 years ago

    Presenting a question like this with a photo like the one chosen is extremely simplistic and worse yet, biased.  Stereotypes are most often inaccurate, inflammatory, and unnecessary to a discussion about the issues.  Honesty is important but having a mature dialogue on such a topic is crucial if it is to be helpful.

  3. profile image55
    peter565posted 5 years ago


    Here is a fun fact, all religion that initiate religion conflict are religions of the Yahweh cult. Yahweh is the original name of the god of Judaism and later the god of Christianity and Islam. Satan, is in fact a general reference to all other gods, which due to the idea of Yahweh as one and only true god and all other gods are evil demonic false gods, pretending to be god, in religion of Yahweh cult, all other gods merge together to become a single demon name Satan. But here is another fun fact, religions of the Satanic faith (e.g. Buddhism, Hindu) are all rather peaceful and in pre Christian era Roman Empire and Persia Empire, they all have multiple religion, all fall under the category of the Satanic faiths, yet, they all live in harmony with each other. Yet, Yahweh faiths don't play nice. In fact despite they say, Christians were been bully by Romans, do you know the real reason? Especially consider no other religion were persecuted? Take a look at the bible, it is full of passages, teaching stuff such as killing a woman for having pre marital sex, killing people who worship other gods etc. Now, if any Christian follow this sort of teaching today, would we not, execute them? If any Christian today, kill gay people like the bible teach, should we not throw them in prison or maybe even the death penalty? So, why do you think Christians were been persecuted in ancient Rome? Emperor Nero, which the Catholic Church claim to be the mass murder of Christians once gave the executive order saying, Christians are not to be touch, unless they break the law, to all governors of Rome. This is the level of tolerance the Satanic faiths, have to each other and to religions of the Yahweh faith.

    Now, let's take a look at the era of the Yahweh faith, Europe got 1000 years of dark ages, crusades, inquisition and as a result 100 yeas of black plague, because disease outbreak, all people do in go to the church and prey. Then today, it is Osama Bin Ladin, Taliban and ISIS. Then when the rule of the church and people started pulling away from the bible, we see the Age of Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, human right, civil right and equality. Asia was most prosper for most of the last 2000 years.

  4. manatita44 profile image81
    manatita44posted 5 years ago

    Search the Heart. If it is kind and compassionate, then there will be no need for war. If we have enemies, fear, feel insecure, are greedy and lust for power or pelf; are attached or egoistic, then war happens sooner or later because the Heart is cold. Not because of a church or whatever.

    All Saviours of mankind have asked us to transform our nature. It is a personal journey of going within; not a collective one. It is the same old story of being the change that we desire to see. If we cannot do so, then why expect it from others?

    The mind-pictures do not portray Love but antagonism. Let the Heart-petals burn with the fire of Love within.


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