Why the strange dove behavior?

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    kimberlylaraeposted 6 months ago

    Why the strange dove behavior?

    I watched a very large flock of mourning doves (there's never more than 2-4 in my yard) I have never seen so many together. There must have been 50 or more. They stayed in a circle over the intersection on my corner. And flew in a [confused? frantic? swooping, diving, swarming ?] way within this rather small area. No sound--doves coo to their mates, and make a noise when coming down or going up but are not noisy birds. I didn't notice any bugs, doves eat seed and maybe berries but they're not real big on bugs. No storms. It was about 4 in the afternoon. It lasted about 20 minutes. Any ideas?

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    savvydatingposted 6 months ago

    Maybe they were mourning a member of their flock. Some birds are highly intelligent and somewhat emotional. Ravens exhibit this behavior, as do other birds. However, I do not know much about doves. An interesting question. You might want to look up sightings on YouTube.