How do I grow and develop myself for the greater good of self and all those arou

  1. Sanyu Marjorie profile image59
    Sanyu Marjorieposted 7 months ago

    How do I grow and develop myself for the greater good of self and all those around me?

    How does one go about self development? What things grow and develop someone? How do I react to situations and how do they affect me? What are the results of the circumstances?

  2. manatita44 profile image84
    manatita44posted 7 months ago

    Everything depends on the Root, which will eventually guide you. The good gardener tills the soil, waits for the rain at the right time; uses manure and so forth and one day he gets a bumper harvest. In the same way, nothing good happens without preparation. Again, you have to feel that you are the servant, and even the preparation comes from the Root, the Source.

    Your question is so nice! few are as beautiful here. God is the life-tree and you are one of It's branches. You are one. Life's purpose is to re-awaken one's divinity, but in the process, one takes humanity along or elevate the Consciousness (Spirit or Energy) of humans.

    You came out of Love, live in Love and will return to Love. You grow and serve by developing that Love, through spiritual practices: Prayer both verbal and silent; meditation, scriptural readings; music of a devotional nature; selfless service to others; gratitude to God and mankind. They all expand the spiritual Heart and will encourage the descent of Grace; of Higher forces which will come and help you.

    Reacting and developing comes from watering the Root, like a good gardener. Eat holistically. The body is the temple or instrument of Spirit; avoid toxic friends, but be kind to them within. Shun none, but practice solitude. Be wise in speech and company and above all, be one-pointed in your submission to the Ideal. Worldly focus will distract and pull you back.

    Know what you seek. What is the aim of life? Where are you going? Be gentle. Always be prepared to fall and yet to rise again. It is not a journey without trials. Be brave, be patient. Read the 40 rules on Love by Shams Tabrisi. Fully available on the net. Talk to me if you need me. The key is to feel that God is always in charge and that what you have is 'limited freedom.' Use it well. God speed!!