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Where do I start? I want to learn. Help me find the path to take. I was made for

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    GoddessArtemisposted 6 months ago

    Where do I start? I want to learn. Help me find the path to take. I was made for something more.

    I have always been drawn to witch craft and the paranormal. I have no one around me to teach me. No one that believes or understands my desires. I am meant for a higher calling I can feel it in the depths of me. Something more than a "normal" life. Where do I begin? Who do I turn to?

  2. nochance profile image92
    nochanceposted 6 months ago

    That's what books are for. I grew up in a small Christian town but my local library still had a few books on witchcraft and the paranormal.

    There are a million different paths and just about everyone believes stuff a little differently. So take everything you learn with a grain of salt. Listen to your heart and see what resonates with you. There is a good chance your beliefs will change over time. This is completely normal.

    Now the internet exists and there's even more information floating around. Much of this is made up so be careful and make sure your sources are trustworthy. For example, never eat or inhale anything unless you know exactly what it is.

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    manatita44posted 6 months ago

    My brother,

    Serve. Anything that's useful, use it; if not, then let it go. God and the devottee are like a tree and its branches, and the 'calling' of the branches, is to serve the tree. What does the tree need? what does God need?

    The devotee comes here to glorify, adore, or if you like, manifest the Will of God. The happiness of the tree lies in being served by the branches, the leaves, petals, as they reach out to humanity.

    We came here to Love God; to serve Him through Creation. It is impossible to do this without Love. Here I speak of the 'Higher calling' as there are many who are called by God for a different purpose, or to serve in a different way. All comes from God. There is nothing outside the divine.

    Where do you start? Nothing is wrong with scriptures and they all have the same basic rules: Prayer, both verbal and silent; meditation; selfless service to mankind; Gratitude; forgiveness ...

    Make a shrine at home. A table, white cloth, incense, a candle and a picture of your favourite godly teacher. Christ, Buddha, Krishna or simply use the flame of a candle to meditate. It may help if you read a little, breathe gently a little, play devotional music ... talk to God.

    Prayer is an invocation of the Higher Energy. When you fall silent, that is to say, when the mind is calm, quiet and vacant, you will feel a very powerful inner energy of Peace of Love. Do not force it; do not push or pull, but surrender.

    To return to the shrine. You need to sit on a chair with your eyes and shoulders relaxed and look at the flame of the candle. Keep your back straight as the spiritual energy travels up the spine.Do this religiously day after day for three months in 15 minute sessions morning and evening. This will harness your energy and make you more one-pointed and receptive to the Higher Light.

    Love, service, goodness and a burning inner cry are necessary. You must not only love but long for what you seek. Find a good teacher, or if you like what I say, then keep writing to me.

    The Higher way is not one of witchcraft, the loving and safest way is the way of the Heart. Walk the narrow Path and never look at the beautiful flowers that it will inevitably offer, as you will stumble or fall. Keep going, practice loving kindness; compassion, serve others. You will stumble, but with daily and incessant spiritual practice, you will improve.

    Finally, remember that the 'enemy', if there be one, is always within not outside: Lust, greed, ego, anger, attachments...

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    Priest Hans75posted 6 months ago

    As someone whom fell out of step with the Mother and have just now recently turned back to Her and Her great wisdom, I understand what you are saying sister. The library, book stores, resources galore online, etc are all great sources of knowledge. However, the greatest source of that sought after knowledge and wisdom comes from within. Seek Her out, ask Her to light your path and show you the way. Meditate daily focusing on giving thanks and seeking out Her wisdom and love. I am more than willing to help you along your path for I was a solitary practitioner for a very long time coming from a small rural community and my organic farm here. Blessed be sister and may the Mother bless you on your journey!