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How can one bring tarot up to speed in the 21st century? Or, is time to close th

  1. threekeys profile image82
    threekeysposted 6 months ago

    How can one bring tarot up to speed in the 21st century? Or, is time to close the door on it?

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    Levi Schiopuposted 6 months ago

    Well there are many avenues where Tarot can expand to fit the culture we live in today. Especially since our culture is transforming and people are waking up, tarot cards are beginning to have many niches where it can fit.

    The most resent one I've personally seen is at Ecstatic Dances! If someone can be connected to a organizer of an Ecstatic dance event, then a space can be collaborated for readings.

    There are now many alternative healing center's where I live and I'm sure that a conversation around Tarot cards could yeild benefits.

    Divination is ancient and I have no fear of it disappearing. With the harmonic shift on the planet, such tools will only be more and more accurate.

    All this being said, main stream media has a long way to go before it opens up to such ideas. Opportunities near you may be hidden, but it for sure not a dead art.

    1. threekeys profile image82
      threekeysposted 6 months agoin reply to this

      Encouraging.Sometimes I wonder if Tarot readings can take people's power away. I know the Divination Arts has been a good friend to me in a time of need; and I hope I can offer that same support to another.

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    Oztinatoposted 6 months ago


    The universe is infinitely complex.  Therefore each event is part of this infinite complexity.
    Mystics tell us that even the fall of a leaf is not without meaning hence the fall of a card from a person's hand has even greater significance.
    Science is showing us the endless infinite complexity of the universe. We ourselves have a bit of this infinity in us just as we have space, gravity, matter, energy and time within us.
    Infinite complexity is not limited therefore to a size or an event. It is part of the whole.
    Apparently there is infinite mathematical perfection in what was once seen as random or chaotic. For example the smoke from a fire follows precise patterns. There is even infinite order in apparent chaos.
    If we can conceive in our minds for a moment this idea of infinite complexity we can understand there are no random or chaotic events at all.
    This is the basis for the effectiveness of the I ching and the tarot and many other forms of divination. These seemingly random cards are in fact infinitely complex just as scientists have found wildly "chaotic" events such as smoke from a fire are.
    There is infinite math precision in so called random or coincidental events.

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      threekeysposted 6 months agoin reply to this

      BeautifuIl and inspiring Oztinato. I love numbers (doesn't mean  they love me) and how mathematics can explain the eosteric. You graciously reminded me of what belief I used to follow but somehow had faded within my mind. I love your analogy.