Can I still be a witch

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    Cookie999posted 4 months ago

    Can I still be a witch

    I bought a tarot cards it had a book to teach how to read it when I get that book in school to read it a girl came to me and told me I shouldn't have a tarot book (I didn't get my book out of my bag and it was my first time seeing that girl) that girl took my book and put one paper in it and told me to burn it, she made me burn it , she keeps telling me I can't be a witch and her "friends" didn't like me and a human can be a witch only if they r burn in a witch family she told me there is no way I can become one , is she lying to me? Can I undone what she did to my book?

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    manatita44posted 4 months ago

    What is a witch? Words have dictionary meanings and they also have 'vibration' meanings. First, you can be anything you wish to be as you are made in the image of God. Secondly, many good, holy or virtuous men and women were burnt for being witches. They were simple, devout people, some of which had psychic ability as came naturally from the divine.

    In a general sense, witches are associated with doing bad things and looks awful as in Shakespearean stories. It is really a craft that can be practiced for good and bad and has many elements or tenets of the spiritual life. Some are called white witches and some black.

    There is no need for this in the sincere spiritual life. God seeks your purity and the divinity in your Heart to serve mankind. Again, this is an infinitely safer and sweeter Path. All devotees of the Lord would encourage you to seek the Kingdom of Heaven and not the 'beautiful' flowers along the way. In that sense, that girl was really helping you. Be grateful.