Do we carry our spiritual values to our next incarnation ?

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    ashakantasharmaposted 2 months ago

    Do we carry our spiritual values to our next incarnation ?

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    manatita44posted 2 months ago


    In a way, character is the sum total of our personality, who we are. I was thinking this with poetry, just recently. The crude poet always does something crude; the left winger something similar to his ideals.

    The performance poet has a particular nature and his poems reflect this. The man of social conscience shows this in his poetry and the mystic generally stays in his own space.

    All is recorded and stored by the soul and that is why we generally go higher in our next incarnation, are more evolved. When the God-hour strikes, the soul remembers in the same way a child prodigy does and simply carries on, going even further in its strength.

    Nothing comes from an empty vessel as we are all ever-transcending souls.

    I have spoken of Karma at great length here and this affects us. Actually, it cannot be seen as separate from re-incarnation. They work in harmony as Love and Light; a tree and its branches.

    The unfortunate thing Asha, is that we can sometimes forget. That is why spiritual figures like to take birth in spiritual families, just so the ignorance of the world do not cover them up. Ignorance is an extremely powerful force of the Divine.

    So yes, we may forget, but as soon as the soul remembers, as in my case, its progress will consciously continue. Hari Om!!