The Joys

  1. profile image51
    Chief Apatheticposted 10 years ago

    of being old.  You get lots of naps.  I need lots of naps.  I thank all of you, and I do mean all of you for responding to my last post/hub.   If you have seen my home hub page there is a picture of Jesus & how he appeared to me in the sky when I was a boy of 10.

    I did not learn about Jesus from anyone's Church of Organized Religion, or UnOrganized Religion.  I did not learn about Jesus from the Bible, books of the Torah, or any other books.  I learned about Jesus directly from Jesus.  I do not own Jesus.  I do not own any person.  No one owns me.  In this world I am merely a Bill Payer, and a renderer to Caesar but only until I leave this world so it's only until then.

    I do not belong to anyone's Religion at all.  I belong to the Kingdom that Jesus taught that is not of the world of man, this world. 

    In Jesus's hand is a Book when he appeared to me.  It is difficult to explain but book like the Bible, the books of Torah, and any other Book are just reference books for me.  I do not have anything to do with the Politics of the world of man at all.

    My friends & I just meet in one another's home to discuss Jesus's teachings, & prophecy. 

    It isn't my my job to judge this world, nor any person upon the earth. 

    A friend invited me to his holiday gathering over the holidays.  I walked in & said, The Kingdom of Heaven is not of the world of man, this world, at that particular friend's home.

    Sat on the couch & drank coffee.  There was another fellow there that I had met a couple years before through the same friend.  In between times the friend that invited him played a song I wrote & recorded in the early 80's  The fellow said it was one of the greatest songs he ever heard.

    Wow, I have a fan.  At least I have one.

    Most people who have seen me perform either live, or just hacking around the guitar would tell you I remind them of John Lennon musically even thought I can play & write in almost any musical form.   I have 1000's of songs stored somewhere in my brain.

    Instant memory is going to get you, make you worried & feel afraid, instant credit is going to get you, make you worry & feel afraid, instant cream of wheat is gong to get you, make you worry & feel afraid.   No no no no, veggies for me, can't you see, I'd rather have ice cream.

    So the guy at my friend's gathering picks up my friend's guitar & plays for awhile.  The guitar gets handed off to me, and Bang.  My personality is such that I seldom say much or talk to anyone much about anything.  I just usually set & drink coffee. 

    I am not Mr. Conversationalist.  At best I just usually make some joke about things unless someone desires to discuss Jesus or prophecy.   

    So another women comes into the holiday gathering, and every one except myself & the other guy get up & go talk to her in their kitchen.  He's talking to me about music.  I am doing what would be called a folk riff of folk music on the guitar while singing,  Let's twist again like we did last summer, let's twist again like we did last year.

    So he thinks I am just doing parody of a twist song to folk music as he likes folk music when I just playing the riff & singing whatever comes into my mind without any parody intended.

    So I am playing him a song I wrote last summer that has a Dylan feel to the song.  A folk feel to the song because there are only so many musical formats & that particular song fit that format.
    It's a really good song, too. 

    So everyone comes back into the living room.  The woman that came in sits down on a chair by the close to couch I am sitting upon.   She says to me, I want you to play me a song.  I just look at her like, what, that's what I have been doing is playing songs. 

    I am just kind of looking at her like, what?

    And I just stop playing.  Everyone starts laughing.  They're going, oh, come on play a song.  And I say, but now I have to "Think" about a song to play when I was just sitting here playing songs.  Just letting things flow like a river.

    So eventually I play a song I wrote, and she says, Now I have my Bob Dylan for the night.

    I informed her I am not Bob Dylan.  I pointed at the friend who invited us, and said, He's Bob Dylan.  I am not Bob Dylan.   

    So in between some work I needed to accomplish I got back outside & did some more walking in the woods before I took nap.  The latest song I wrote is called Whore of Babylon about Mystery Babylon in Revelation Chapter's 17 & 18.   I haven't completely wrote the song, but so far it drives & smokes.

  2. kess profile image61
    kessposted 10 years ago

    Again very interesting


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