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    WriteAngledposted 7 years ago

    This is interesting. I would be thrilled if you wrote a hub about it with some more details.

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    micadeoluposted 7 years ago

    Hi RightAngle,
    I was born and bread from The Yoruba culture, the origin of santeria religion. I must confess to you that I do not comprehend the term A?RA?WA? but I fully understand the Orisha Tradition. In fact almost everyone who live in Yoruba land has fair knowledge of the Orisha Tradition called santeria.

    This tradition is one that was born from Ifa (a numerological and philosophical concept) used in ancient Yorubaland for divination. It has sixteen corpus multiply into two, totalling 32. All these form the ancient phenomenon upon which Ifa Oracular directives are based.

    Each of these readings tell stories of the activities of the great spirits of the planets called 'orun' (heaven) in Yoruba philosophy. Examples of them are:
    1. Obatala
    2. Sango (pronounced Shango)
    3. Oya
    4. Osun (pronounced Ochun)
    5. Ifa (or Orisha nla)
    6. Ogun
    7. Esu (devil) etc.

    Before this period of time in human history, the people and priests who paid homage to these deities did so with all purity,  truth and right intentions. But now it is a different story entirely. They scare, kill, torment, and perpetuate evils at nights and even sometimes offer empty promises to solve problems.

    We have a newer and better way to reach God. Through His image called The Christ. He came into this world and preached repentance and love. Though rejected by his people despite his miraculous works amongst them, He has given power to those who believe in Him to be called Children of God. Children not born by flesh and blood or the will of man. But born by the spirit of God which is God's word.

    He is more than a foster father to us because in Him we have our being.