Orisha OSHUN’S MESSAGE, December 2008 in Veracruz, Mexico.

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  1. OMILEFUN profile image59
    OMILEFUNposted 11 years ago

    OSHUN’S MESSAGE, December 2008 in Veracruz, Mexico.

    This is writen from notes taken that day

    Oshun Ask: Someone knows what is coming?

    Poverty, hunger, thirst, epidemics, the natural power reclaim what its theirs. If the human beings don’t correct themselves, Nature will put him in his place (mother nature will take charge in doing that). I am not going to save no one who doesn’t deserve it. Not only you (humans) learn, OSHA also learns, and modify itself (evolve), and now only the chosen ones will be Saved. Who are the Chosen Ones? Those will be the ones that’s worth to save, the ones that are open to work, the ones that love life, the ones that respect life. Only few will be save, because only a few deserve to be saved.

    OLOKUN has divine orders to take away many lives, Olokun waters will damage many places around the planet.

    This beauty that you see here now (this happen at the junction of the river and the sea), enjoy it now, because soon this may be gone, or be no more.

    What is OSHA? It’s a mission, it’s a Way of Life, it’s a way to feel about things. In the Osha Tradition, we don’t have prejudices, attachments, pressures like in other traditions. OSHA is FREE, and its known by many names, however, OSHA is ONE.

    16  ODU’S were the Beginning, Okana, Oyeku, Ogunda, those 16 ODU’S were the Real Power, First was ODU, the principle, then later came the ORISHA. 

    ODU is the Greatest Power in the World, after Odu, Osha follows in hierarchy.

    How many people believe that they are being touch by the Divine?

    You have to prepare a lot, what is coming to Planet Earth it’s not a simple sickness, what is coming is a GREAT DEPURATION. You have to be prepared, if you don’t, you may perish trying to survive.

    The ones who kept silent will be condemn, the ones who talk will be saved.

    There is a School, that school has a name, that is To SHARE, if you Share, you will be Saved. To Respect, in that way you will be saved.  If you respect your adversary, your enemy, you will have honor.

    The Wolves are trying to separate, to spread the sheep of the flock in order to devour them.

    In this Osha Tradition, we make animal sacrifices and use the blood of these animals, this is done to stop bad events from happening, to avert IKU (Death), that your Blood may not be spill (in an accident, in a violent situation, in an  surgery, in war, etc.) I do magic, divine Witchcraft to Save People. (This is OSHUN Kole talking to us, The Divine Witch).

    You know who in reality is this supposed spirit guide that is helping you now, named Androkin de Ra, Do you know who he is in reality? He is BABA, he is BABA ODUDUWA. He is a Deity. He is here to help you, to guide you. With Baba Oduduwa (Andro kin de RA) a new Egbe or Family is being created, the Molecules while they are more close to each other, they are more difficult to penetrate. If you work, if you have Faith, because FAITH is POWER. FAME dies, but the LEYEND never dies, it becomes immortal.

    In this Yoruba tradition there is Freedom of Conscience. The YORUBA are the ones who venerated GOD (OLOFIN ORUN) through the EBO (Ritual act of sharing). We are Yoruba’s not practitioners of OSHA. The EBO is to SHARE, and this makes the negative side of oneself to be Cleansed. All Traditions come from the OSHA Tradition. If you want to have Power, before you have to have Intelligence, Wisdom and Self Control.

    The failure of the King is to feel like to be a King or a Queen. You have to talk with your head and not with your mouth. 

    You know that my Elegun (medium) is in between Light and Darkness, between the Good and the Bad. He was born with the ODU OSHE (5), this ODU talks about the Good Son and the Bad son. He can’t deviate to the dark side. We all have tendencies, but he is in Absolute Zero (in the exact middle), and is like that because he has to Start from Zero, from nothing.

    Each one of you has a unique power, but when you get together, you all are magnificent. All of you have a different gift from the other, because if you all have the same gift and power, you will destroy yourselves. We are similar before OLOFIN’S Eye, but in this world we all are different, each one of you have a great mission, each of you have to fulfill his or her’s personal mission.

    IFA is the Greatest Wisdom that exist, Ifa is a rank, it’s a hierarchy. The IFA Oracle is the most complex Oracle in the Universe, it has 36,000 combinations.

    The truly old continent is AFRICA.

    The Second most important expression of the Osha Tradition is OLOKUN, the First is OLOFIN.

    The true word of OSHA is Humility (humbleness).

    The most greatest Science of OSHA is the Spiritual, the mystic aspect.

  2. profile image0
    sneakorocksolidposted 11 years ago

    Ok, I'm curious, is it Windowpane or Purple Microdot?big_smile

    1. profile image0
      A Texanposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Sneak, you're old, oh wait, I must be too.

    2. profile image0
      Justine76posted 11 years agoin reply to this

      dancing bears?

      1. profile image0
        Justine76posted 11 years agoin reply to this

        blotter....I want my money back...


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