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Animals lovers

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    Angelanne23posted 9 years ago

    My name  is  anne  and i am  a  Hugh animal lover  and i like  animals  very much  i  have being  an animal lover  all my whole life and i  have  really  enjoyed  being an animal lover makes  me  so  happy  and  excited. I just think  it is  not  right  buying  an animal from a  petstore  and  you  can't  take  good  care of  it  once  you  bring  the animal  into  your  home  it  is  not  that  long  that  the animal  does  something  wrong and  you  then  dump it out  on the streets   to  defend  for  itself  that  is  not  right  if  i was a  petstore  manager  i  would  put a  dog  or  cat license in my petstore  and i  would  have to  inspect  your  home and  see if  it is  safe to  take  the  dog or  cat into the  home
    If  you a  christian  It is  the same  God  that  created  the  humans beings  and  he  would  want  the  humans  being  to  help and  put  hands together  to  that  the animals  can't  suffer  because  the animals  world  is  suffering  alot of animals are  sleeping in the streets  and  there  are so many strays  dogs and  cats  defending  for themselves  and it is  not  right  if  we are  christians  god  would  want a  safe place for the animal world
    I hate   this  world  no one seems  to  care about the animals  world


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    knolyourselfposted 9 years ago

    It's especially tough when animals are considered to have not souls.

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    Zarm Nefilinposted 9 years ago

    Right now the animals are faring better than the muslims (at least as far as perspective goes in the USA).  roll

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    Mishaposted 9 years ago

    Yeah, I bet somewhere in Qatar Muslims are treated better smile