The Revealing Begins....the exposing of the wolves in sheep's clothing

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    7thangel@seventhposted 7 years ago

    All you are about to read is a continuation from Part I - The Last Word - The Final Say, This day, like lightning, the devil has fallen....

    On the path of God, a rejection from the world is a sure sign that you are on the right path. Keep walking and do not look back....shall we begin...

    This is the Word of the Lord, your God.

    I am the Son who became man to die before the Father, who I asked, "Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?" done as I am, for I knew what I would do in the days of the Father who I am in man.

    Thus says the Lord, �It was I who painted the masterpiece; it was you who tainted it; it was I who formed the tree of life; it was you who spoiled it; it was I who came to mend the tree of knowledge for the first reason; it is you who has destroyed it for the last time. You are at fault of your actions, but you take no rightful actions over the effects of your actions. Rather you point to the depths of the sea and scream aloud with your angry words penetrating miles beneath the earth�s surface, condemning a god you say is worshipped through evil as if it was he who caused the evil committed by you.

    Therefore, you fail to see that it is your actions perceived before its time that is the offense to me. What has been done in transgression can only bring salvation through redemption, or, death in self-condemnation through self-righteousness, for self-righteousness never sees sin within its gates. In life many still persist to endure the angel of darkness as a demon from the outer world cast out by heaven�s Light. Their insight to the one who opposes the truth is shortcoming because they fail to recognize it as an enticement to the first death. This belief enables one to disregard that any evil carefully perceived is as sinful as it is achieved. Nevertheless, permitted or not, it is decreed, for I am above all dominions.

    No one can say, �who is to blame?� No flesh has been given authority to condemn, for the world was allowed to perpetrate its evil in order to retort itself by learning from its wrongs that has and will bring out the holy ones to be self-sufficient with what righteous ways they have learned and the glory they have earned, thus never to attract judgment through condemnation again despite the relapse the world devotes as its cause. Failing to recognize this willingly is therefore walking in self-condemnation into the second death.

    Unavoidably this has brought judgment through the forces of darkness that will deepen in greater hate as foretold it would be. So tell me, anyone who has spent lengths of time and have put great efforts into the books of scripture, �what has this demon done to deserve such recognition?� Did this evil cast off wag a red tail before you to make you stumble and fall, or did this evil dragon create firing flames to gush out of its mouth blinding you foolishly? Was it a whisper in your ear or did you both bump heads against each other that he left his two horns stuck in your brow?

    Matthew 10:14-15 God Speed