LDS aka Mormons give aid to pakistan

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    elayne001posted 7 years ago … o-pakistan

    I am aware of the humanitarian service our church gives to countries in their times of need and I am just wondering if other churches do the same. I would love to hear about it.

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    Rochelle Frankposted 7 years ago

    If you Google  words like 'church aid pakistan' you will find a lot of groups, both church, secular and national are trying to help. They include:
    Church World Service , Lutherens, Baptists,
    Rotarians, Christian Aid,
    Catholic Aid groups, Evangelical groups,
    United Methodist Church represenatives will purify more than 3.5 million liters of drinking water for more than 73,000 people a dayand are also helping to bring food relief and emergency shelter to tens of thousands of Pakistanis
    UNICEF, Aid groups with decades of solid experience operating in Pakistan — including the Red Cross, CARE, Catholic Relief, the International Rescue Committee, Save the Children and Mercy Corps.
    Muslim Charity is providing food to 25,000 people for the month of Ramadan, clean drinking water to 10,000 people, medical facilities to 10,000 people through its 5 medical camps and shelter to 5,000 people. In its second phase of relief work; Islamic Relief is distributing 3,570 family hygiene kits benefitting 24,990 people. Also it is distributing 2,850 household kits (containing mattresses, mosquito nets etc.) and 2,850 kitchen sets to benefit 19,950 people.Humanity First, in collaboration with NCHD has dispatched over 500 tents as well as mattresses, blankets, floor mats, buckets and shoes. 350 water survival boxes have been provided in collaboration with the British Rotary charity WorldWaterWorks Limited. The local team is also preparing packs of non-perishable food to last a month for 1,000 families. The initial response package is for around 10,000 people, but response is expected to rise. Moreover, 3 medical camps have been set up which see 200 patients a day
    Disasters Emergency Committee, an umbrella group of 13 UK charities reports that as of 14 August its flood-relief-appeal has so far raised £12 million and that its member agencies have distributed aid to more than 600,000 people.
    Saudi Arabia has allocated US $100 million for the relief-operation.Nepal cabinet provided cash assistance of Rs 10 million for flood victims in Pakistan.United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is supporting the relief efforts of partners Church World Service, GlobalMedic, Muslim Aid, and, through the ACT Alliance, Norwegian Church Aid and the Church of Pakistan.

    A Messianic Jewish organization based in Jerusalem and American Jews, Woodmont Church of Christ in Nashville TN, and the Taliban.

    These are only a few of those trying to help. The need is great. I'm sure LDS are doing their part too, but no they are not the only ones.

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      elayne001posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      thanks for replying Rochelle Frank - I am glad to know that so many are helping in many ways. I am currently watching the on fox and so many are also helping out with cancer research. I am grateful that so many are helping others and I hope I didn't make it sound like the LDS are the only ones - we are just trying to do our part.