Respecting people's religious views is......

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    Tom Kayposted 9 years ago

    We are forever told that we must respect the views of the religious. Forever told: 'That's my belief and you have to respect it' or 'That's offensive' whenever we say something that runs contrary to their belief.

    So we hold our tongues and only speak about it in hushed circles or with close friends behind closed doors, scared that we may be branded as a [insert word here].

    On a childish level, why should we respect the religious views of people who tell us that because we don't live our lives according to rules written during a dark time in some dusty place that we're going to hell, that we will suffer for eternity, that we should feel shameful, guilty and dirty?

    Beliefs are like opinions: We choose to hold them. They may feel like they are unavoidable and that we are somehow compelled to hold them but they are most certainly not the same as, for example, skin colour or levels of physical and mental ability, over which we have no control. So. Why should something that is chosen, something over which we can exert control, be sacrosanct?

    On a more adult level, I will respect the religious views of someone if they take the time to calmly lay out their reasoning. If they can show me that they have (and many people have) taken the time to really understand their religion and its shortfalls then I will respect their views as they are firmly grounded in study and appreciation of knowledge. In many cases it also shows an absence of dogma. However, if someone says that I can't say something because it challenges their belief - The End - then that is where my patience runs out.

    Why should I, for example, respect the beliefs of Catholics when the Vatican’s Pontifical Council of the Family warns people that all condoms are secretly made with many microscopic holes through which the AIDS virus can pass? THAT I find offensive.

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    knolyourselfposted 9 years ago

    'condoms are secretly made ...' In this country suppose to let people have these kind of ridiculous opinions. Or Vatican order that priests are not suppose to give communion to politicians who support abortion. Is that interfering in the internal politics of a foreign country? You shouldn't.