new fall of the roman empire

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    mikeq107posted 9 years ago

    The new fall of the Roman Empire!
                                                                              Title by KATJA VIGNOLE            Written by MICHAEL J QUINLAN

    This tale began about ten thousand years after the Dinosaurs were neutered. You see the Dinosaur problem was getting a little out of hand after Adam and apple shopping Eve got thrown out of the garden .So, as they began to mate like rabbits and the general populous increased; the need to acquire more real-estate became a pressing concern. So Barney and the large tenderloins had to go- after all pets that size run up expensive veterinarian bills  and a stainless steel barby  from Wally’s just isn’t going to hack it, period. Thus ended the unfortunate “ Fore- Sight- Saga” of Barney and the cast of thousands and the start of mans illogical conquests.

    So, now we have Adam, who is now master of all he surveys, King of the Castle, Lord of the flies and in general a major accident waiting to happen.
    He is not content to just farm the land and provide for her indoors and the good old offspring, no, he wants more, he wants to feel powerful, important and impress the world at large with his immense stupidity.
    Subsequently, early one Saturday morning he gathers his band of loyal misfits and ambles over to Cyril’s pad next door and proceeds to try and convince Cyril that he (Adam) is a member of the master race because his deeply troubled alcoholic brother Charley Darwin has recently seen the light and told his loving family that they are” Thee superior beings”!!!. However Cyril Marx’s brother Carl has been telling everyone that everything should be shared and all people are equal and why can’t we all just get along.
    All day they argue until someone throws a punch and the world has been Du-king it out ever since.

    Fast forward to modern civilized America founded by Cyril and Adams descendants and you will see that we have greatly matured and surpassed our wildest dreams and expectations by becoming the unconditional loving humble beings that God intended us to be- Right? Ok ,whatever your smoking regardless of what the doctor prescribed , put it down, straighten up and get a grip- because the roller coaster ride is about to come to an abrupt end and not in your neighbors abode, but yours. Hey, you yell it’s not my fault I’m an independent American and no one tells me what to do and besides old George will send a seal team to take care of the problem.

    No the problem belongs to all of us and the sooner we take responsibility for our part and fess up and tell God were sorry for screwing up the planet and ask him to heal our deep wounds the sooner we can begin to live a deeply vibrant life full of promise and wonder.
    But until then we are on a collision course with disaster, our move?

    Katja, here it is hope it makes sense to you, of course as usual it was fun scribbling.
                       Sincerely yours your brother Mike the Mighty Q...

    P.S, for any unfortunate sap that happens to come across this fine piece of  Irish literature,  the object of this exercise was for the author to write the first thing that came into his Irish Crown upon reading the title given to him by his co-conspirator  Katja .