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God told me to do it.

  1. legalfem profile image51
    legalfemposted 9 years ago

    Today is the day after payday, for me. After I went to breakfast with a friend this morning, as I drove home (about 5 blocks) I saw a young boy (teenager) walking around, collecting cans, bottles and the like, I assumed to recycle the materials for the cash. My heart fell about two stories and then bounced back up as if I had just hit a trampoline!

    I passed the boy up and fell back down even lower, not sure of exactly what just went on inside myself.
    Then he said it! God Told ME, OF COURSE IN A VERY KIND WAY, ALTHOUGH AUTHORATIVE, to give the boy $20. I thought twice and again, and finally turned the corner, not sure if I would see him again. I thought, well if I see him, I will give it to him. I saw a yard sale and stopped, looked around for about a half a minute and returned to my car. I was in sort of a daze, really unaware of what I was doing at the stupid sale!
    Drove off and saw the boy on the other side of the large intersection. My heart jumped a mile high and I said to myself, that is it, I have to give him that money. No more thought went into if, it was now all about how?

    I pulled over as the boy was walking past and I started to get out of the car, I saw him walk behind my car , so I didn't get out, closed the door and drove around to where he would be passing me in front of my car in a matter of seconds. As the boy approached the front of my car to walk in past me, I called to him; Hey, and he looked up. I said with a smile, hey, "I don't mean to offend you or anything, but um, God told me to give this to you"
    He reached out and took the $20 and smiled and said thank you very much. And I said you are welcome. And as I drove away I saw the boy hop and jump around a little bit and look up into the sky for just a few seconds. I felt as if God was pleased that I had listened to him.  And my joy was overflowing and still is about 3 hours later.

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      mohitmisraposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Listening and following will give you soul satisfaction.Nice to hear you communicate with God. smile

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      docbendukeposted 9 years agoin reply to this
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    dingdongposted 9 years ago

    OK wink

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    Make Moneyposted 9 years ago

    That's cool legalfem.

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    sandra rinckposted 9 years ago

    I tried to give an old man a gas mask a couple years back when the fires in SanDiego were burning out of control, or was it last year?  Anyways,  the fuc**r got irrate.

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    allshookupposted 9 years ago


    I think you did a wonderful thing. If we all would listen to God like you did, the world would be a better place. You deserve that feeling you are having because you sacrificed and made someone else's life better. I'm proud for you and for the one's heart you touched today. It's amazing the feeling God gives us when we obey Him. I admire you for what you have done.