Deliverance of the Earth

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  1. SparklingJewel profile image75
    SparklingJewelposted 7 years ago

    When mankind reach this extremity and their realization that they are helpless before the powers of this world, then comes the moment of absolute reliance upon God. Then that reliance produces the opening of the heart. And then to the heart chakras step through the veil the Christ Selves, the I AM Presence, the great hosts of the Lord; and as they step through the veil, the energies of the Great Central Sun descend to turn back the tide of the fallen ones. This, my children, is the sequence of the deliverance of the earth; it is when the people know that there is nothing left they can do except to turn to God. And as long as they are satisfied and confident that their own solutions to mankind’s problems will be the answer, they have not the light of God to truly save this earth for the ascension.

    Let all who hear my word, then, in all planes of consciousness know that the Cosmic Christs and the Buddhas have come forth to empower the people of God with the gift of the speaking in the tongues of the Spirit, the speaking in the language of the teachings of the law and the interpretation of that law to every type of consciousness upon earth.   Watch and see how your alignment with God will enable you to also be aligned with these cosmic beings. Watch and see how you will give voice to your understanding that has become the understanding of God of the law. Watch and see how souls respond and say, “How did you know I needed to hear that truth?  Why, you have given me just what I needed to see the light.”

    Did it ever occur to you that on your own you could talk for a week and still not touch that chord in a soul needing the light–having the devotion yet lacking the wisdom of the law to see through the darkness of the age?  It is not necessary to go through the mental body in order to bring forth the mind of God. It is not necessary to be bound by the ways of mental matrices. It is necessary to be spontaneous in the Spirit, in the flow of sacred fire, for the conveyance of the word that is needed.

    Note that I did not say, “for the conveyance of the word” but I said, “for the conveyance of the word that is needed.” Is this not the great requirement of the hour?–the word that is needed to pierce misunderstanding and ignorance, to shatter the hatred and the viciousness of the fallen ones, and to enable a soul to stand in the Presence of the living God.

    1. Cagsil profile image82
      Cagsilposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Anyone who becomes reliant on anything other than self, is and becomes useless to self.

      1. SparklingJewel profile image75
        SparklingJewelposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        ...but the definition of self is what is important. To know that self is of God ultimately and always is but hidden; and that a synthetic self does morph away from that unity by nature of free will and direct misguidance from "forces outside of God. there has come about, two aspects of self,to reconcile

        this is THE mystery of God and humanity's unity. every religion and philosophy has sought to understand this, and tried to maintain it with their doctrines of guidance...alas, many are misled. but many do uncover that understanding

        1. Cagsil profile image82
          Cagsilposted 7 years agoin reply to this


  2. profile image0
    Brenda Durhamposted 7 years ago

    Cosmic Christs?
    Cosmic Buddha?
    Buddhas that give people the power of speaking in tongues?
    Alignment with those cosmic beings?

    As long as you put Buddha in the same category as the (one) Christ, you will keep overlooking the simple Truths of the Bible.   And the simplicity of Christ's (God's) message.

  3. SparklingJewel profile image75
    SparklingJewelposted 7 years ago

    A Buddha is a Christ, that is the unity within the seeming diversity.

    the religions and philosophies of the east have a more expanded concept of God...that God has a hierarchy that does His work for him, reaching humanity as kinds of mediators, who Jesus the Christ was the Head of...I guess Catholics believe in the saints and angels and most beleive in angels, they just might call them something different.

    All those that are of God's hierarchy, souls that have "made it into heaven" have attained a degree of Christhood/Buddhahood, if you will. Eastern teachings of God are/can be very deep and esoteric, mystical. They were trying to interpret the ultimate Word from God long before Christianity.

    In my opinion, it is obvious they (as well as Judaism and Islam and others than the eastern ones) weren't able to retain that height of understanding God and so Jesus had to eventually come and set the record straight...but we still, humanity as a race, hasn't been able to retain that full understanding...they get all confused and power know, all the wiles of the fallen ones.

    1. IntimatEvolution profile image81
      IntimatEvolutionposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I agree with you somewhat.  It appears that Brenda might be a touch short sighted on your revelations.  Which are pretty off the cuff by the way. So I kinda understand why she may have not made a connection.  I think she may lack an understanding of Buddhism.  Christ preached a lot about enlightenment and purification of the soul.  Seriously, what is prayer but an act of meditation. Great to read a philosophical question like yours here.

  4. A Troubled Man profile image59
    A Troubled Manposted 7 years ago

    A 'preaching from the pulpit' thread?

  5. wilderness profile image97
    wildernessposted 7 years ago

    Has there ever been a time when mankind was not in the extremity (whatever that is) and standing helpless before the forces of nature?  Krakatoa comes to mind, as does the draining of the mediterranean sea.


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