The game that has no rules

  1. mischeviousme profile image59
    mischeviousmeposted 6 years ago

    I think most founders of religions in the past, were playing a sort of game. "If I say this people will react and automatically want to debate about it". Religion keeps us talking. When I speak of my beliefs, there is going to be people that say "You're wrong and I have proof". "Where?" I say. I have just began to play the game and if my answers aren't worded exactly right, then I am ignorant or I just don't know what it is that this other person knows.

        Religious beliefs have no rules. By this I mean, I can look at it whatever way I want. Then there are the people that say "That's not true either and I know why". "Why"? I ask. The answer is always based on the fact that their religion is right and I'm playing nicely, by not agreeing to it. For the individual, religion is like a drug. By drug, I am saying that like any drug, a user will find a substance that he/she likes and in turn, will want to share it with the world. "This is the best drug ever". They'll say.

        And then we get back to the realm of experience. My experience will always be different from another, because I am the one that had it. I can no more talk about the pain I felt, whiping out on my bike, than I can make another feel my pain. The closest we can get to imparting the idea of this, is by playing sissy. I punch my friend in the arm and he punches me back. Of course children don't ellaborate on the what they feel. To them it is not a matter that needs to be addressed.

        Life is really funny that way. We seem to like to debate and argue. To some degree this is pointless, but on occasion arguing does accomplish something. It won't change my mind, but it will eventually cease to be interesting. I loved board games as a child, but I grew bored with them. much the same can be said of religion. If I'm smart, I'll get bored with it and move on.

        Again, these are my feelings and I do not intend these to reflect on anyone's actual religion. They are just thoughts, which I am using to play the game.